CIT’s ‘Crying Wolf’ pluri-awarded

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November 20, 2014 – The name Coin Invest Trust stands above all for innovative technology. The company’s products have frequently been awarded prizes in the past. This year, the company from Liechtenstein scored a double win: having already won the category ‘Original Technology’, Coin Invest Trust’s ‘Crying Wolf’ coin also carried off the prize for ‘Coin of the Year’.

A new cutting technique highlights the contours of the Mongolian wolf and the crescent moon and thus creates an image of impressive immediacy and clarity.

In 2013, Coin Invest Trust designed the ‘Crying Wolf’, first coin in Mongolia’s new series ‘Mongolian Nature’. The coin design impresses with its elegant simplicity. The wolf, howling at the moon, is implemented using a new cutting-technique. Collectors enthused over the successful combination of artistic design and latest technology. At Coin Invest Trust, the coin was quickly sold out.

Crying Wolf was extremely successful in Moscow: not only was it chosen as coin with Original Technology but also as Coin of the Year.

That the world of numismatics was indeed impressed was tangible in Moscow, which hosted the 5th International Coin Conference, the COINS-2014, on 18 September 2014. Coin Constellation, a prize competition organised by Russian publisher Water Mark, formed the highlight of the event. In a number of categories, a jury selected the most important new coins issued in 2013. The special cutting technology applied in the ‘Crying Wolf’ production was recognised as significant innovation with the award for ‘Original Technology’.

Moreover, the coin successfully competed with the winners of the other eight categories and thus won the title ‘Coin of the Year 2013’. This distinction is particularly significant in light of the fact that Coin Constellation has become established as a meeting point for the immensely important Russian collectors’ market. The triumph of ‘Crying Wolf’ is indicative of the remarkable success that the products of the Liechteinstein company Coin Invest Trust enjoy in foreign markets.

It also proves that creativity pays off. The initials CIT have come to mean not only Coin Invest Trust, they stand for innovative ideas. The creative minds from Liechtenstein are responsible for many prize-winning and unique products. Collectors can look forward to many future innovations still to come.

Additionally ‘Crying Wolf’ is the COTY 2015 winner in the category ‘Most Innovative coin’. You can find a complete list of the winners here.

We presented ‘Crying Wolf’ here.

This article gives you an idea of how many awards Coin Invest Trust has received in the course of the last years.