Citi Money Gallery at British Museum open

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July 12, 2012 – British Museum Numismatics Curator Catherine Eagleton has announced that finally the new display show at the Money and Medal Department of the British Museum is open. At the Citi Money Gallery (‘Room 68’) more than thousand objects are on display in showcases; video and graphics attract visitors and fascinate children and grown-ups.

However, the gallery not only shows coins but money and ways of dealing with value transactions. Furthermore it tells intriguing stories that go well beyond the sole objects. The objects range from cowrie shells to the first coins from Lydia to the beginning of paper money in China, and to modern ways of paying by mobile phone. The visitor learns about mediaeval donation culture first financial crisis due to financial speculation bubbles, and much much more.
Parts of the gallery are flexible which means there will be continuing movement and change.

To keep up-to-date you may browse through all the gallery’s objects online.

To learn more about Room 68, please click here.

To follow the curators and assistants during their work don’t miss the Money Gallery blog.

We had previously published an article by Catherine Eagleton who told us about the upcoming Citi Money Gallery.