CIT redefines high relief minting

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March 31, 2016 – Coin manufacturing has seen many changes since the 19th century. The old screw press has been replaced by horizontal and vertical coin minting presses with a capacity of up to 850 strokes per minute. Still, the kind of relief minted by the old screw press was impossible to produce for modern high-performance minting presses. That is, until now. smartminting© technology makes it possible to revive the old high relief in a new design.

The benefits of smartminting©: Increased relief height

The strength of the new technology becomes evident in view of the commemorative Chinggis Khaan coin. It was produced in 2014 to showcase the technical innovation of colour application to a relief field. Until then, colour application had only been possible on flat fields. 

Chinggis Khaan, the 2014 issue to the left and the 2016 coin to the right.

Thanks to smartminting©, the relief is now not only twice as high.

Chinggis Khan, both issues in direct comparison.

It is also much more sharply defined.

Wildlife Protection – Saker Falcon.

The Saker Falcon, the latest issue in the multi-award-winning Wildlife Protection series, has an almost 3D-like effect.

The Gulo Gulo as the first issue of the Wildlife Protection series to the left, the latest release Saker Falcon to the right.

The difference becomes most visible to the eye in direct comparison with the series’ first issue, the Gulo Gulo. 

The Great Tea Race of 1866.

The increased three-dimensionality also impressively shows on The Great Tea Race of 1866. The billowing sails rise up high from the field and render the depiction as true-to-life as never before. 

Less weight, larger diameter

Increased relief height and sharpness as well as three-dimensionality are only two advantages of smartminting©.

Happy 90th Birthday – QE II. The 1 Dollar coin with a weight of 2 g and a diameter of 22.5 to the left, and the 20 Dollar coin with a weight of 3 oz and a diameter of 100 mm to the right.

The Happy 90th Birthday – QE II edition demonstrates new possibilities for the interplay of diameter and weight that achievable with the new technology.

The two versions of Happy 90th Birthday – QE II in direct comparison.

With an impressive diameter of 22.5 mm, the 1 Dollar coin weighs no more than 2 g. The 3 oz piece with a nominal value of 20 Dollars, on the other hand, measures an incredible 100 mm in diameter.

Retaining the finish

And it doesn’t stop there. While it was practically impossible to mint a high relief coin with a field in proof-like quality without post processing, perfectly carved out details now rest on a proof-like field that retains its original finish.

Wealth of detail

The multi-award-winning Tiffany Art series finally sets a particularly good example of the breathtaking results enabled by the new technology.

Tiffany Art 2016 – Jain Art.

Conventional technological means had previously failed to depict such a wealth of detail as the Jain Art does now. 

All coins illustrated here were created by Coin Invest Trust and  minted by B. H. Mayer’s Kunstprägeanstalt GmbH. 

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