Cell Phones as Crime Prevention Tools

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October 21st, 2010 – The last newsletter of the Numismatic Crime Information Center presented some interesting ideas about how to use a cell phone and especially its photo and video features as crime prevention tool.

“In today’s society owning a cell phone is common among all age groups. However, cell phones are a much underrated crime prevention tool. The cell phone can provide instantaneous communication in dangerous situations, with photo and video features that allow users to record all types of incidents. Dealers should utilize cell phones as part of their crime prevention arsenal while attending coin shows or in their place of business.

The following situations at a coin show can be documented by using the video or photo features of your cell phone:
* Photograph suspicious persons at your table, in the show or at your place of business.
* Take photo of person writing you a check.
* Take picture of driver’s license of person writing you a check. Photograph check.
* Take photograph or video of any suspicious activity that makes you feel threatened. (Inside or outside the show, parking lot, hotel, restaurant etc.)
* Take photograph of your table at the show. (Documents your presence at particular event)
* Photograph show cases with coins to document inventory.

The photographing and videoing of incidents or suspicious activity at shows, and while traveling to and from numismatic events can provide a tremendous investigative resource during the investigation of a numismatic crime. All videos and photographs recorded should be downloaded into a file or folder for future reference.

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