Celebrating the Royals and the Nature: New Royal Canadian Mint Collector Coins

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April 14, 2011 – The Royal Canadian Mint is heralding the return of spring with a parade of coins showcasing Canada’s unique ties to royalty and its profound attachment to its natural and cultural heritage.

Canada’s numismatic landscape expands with selections such as: Fine Silver “Family Scene”; Sterling Silver Gold-Plated “Orca Whale”; Coloured “Barn Swallow”; “Elk Calf” Young Wildlife Specimen Set; classic 50-Cent Circulation Coin Roll; and previously announced $15 Sterling Silver Continuity of the Crown series Ottawa, Ontario.

These appealing new coins include: the new $15 Sterling Silver Continuity of the Crown series; a $3 Fine Silver “Family Scene” coin; the “Orca Whale” coin from the $3 Sterling Silver Gold-Plated Wildlife Conservation Series; the “Barn Swallow” from the 25-Cent Coloured Birds of Canada series; the “Elk Calf” Young Wildlife Specimen Set and the classic 2011 50-Cent Circulation Coin Roll.

“The Royal Canadian Mint is constantly inspired by Canada’s unique historical, cultural and natural heritage as it creates collector coins which continue to be sought world-wide for their appeal and craftsmanship,” said Ian E. Bennett, President and CEO of the Royal Canadian Mint. “In the spring of 2011, we are proud to introduce innovative and artistic collector coins which engage Canadians from coast to coast to coast, as well as the world’s coin collecting community”.

Below are descriptions of the featured products available to the public today.

2011 $ 15 Sterling Silver Continuity of the Crown Series
Proud to celebrate Canada’s 144 year-old royal heritage and its own tradition of crafting royal-themed coins, the Mint is introducing a trio of ultra-high relief, sterling silver coins featuring Princes William, Harry and Charles.

Canada – $15 – Prince William and Prince Harry (Designer: Laurie McGaw) – Mintage: 10.000 each.

The first two coins from this $15 sterling silver series feature Prince William and Prince Harry (Henry).

Canada – $15 – Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth II. (reverse) (Designer: Laurie McGaw) – Mintage: 10.000.

The coin featuring Prince Charles will be released in September, 2011 as Canada counts down to Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee and, as already announced, the Mint adds to this excitement with even more “royal” coins. Each coin is limited to only 10,000 examples world-wide and feature contemporary portraits of Princes William, Harry and Charles, designed by Canadian artist Laurie McGaw, with the approval of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Already unique for having royal effigies on both their sides, these coins have a spectacular medallic quality imparted by their quadruple-struck, ultra-high relief. Crafted of sterling silver and bearing a $15 face value, each of these coins can be purchased individually or as a three-coin subscription. Subscribers to this series will receive a complimentary three-coin clam shell case to display and preserve this outstanding collection.

2011 Fine silver „Family Scene“
As Mother’s Day approaches, the image of a caring Inuit mother sheltering her child in her amauti, a traditional parka whose large hood is designed to carry a baby, is a charming tribute to the universal spirit of motherhood. This $3 fine silver coin is beautifully enhanced by selective gold plating which brings to life this heart-warming scene created by artist Andrew Qappik. The pink gold-plated braid surrounding this image plated in yellow gold illustrates the typical braiding of an Inuit woman’s hair and hints at the unbreakable bond between mother and child. This 99.99% pure silver token of love to mothers all over the world is limited to a mintage of 10,000 coins.

Canada – $3 – Sterling silver gold plated- Wildlife Conservations Series #3, Orca Whale (Designer: Jason Bouwman) – Mintage: 15.000.

2011 Wildlife Conservation Series: Orca Whale
The third issue in a four coin series which raises awareness of some of Canada’s most vulnerable wildlife species features the Orca Whale in a unique, square-shaped coin made of gold-plated sterling silver. This icon of Canada’s West Coast, revered by First Nations people as a master hunter and guardian of the sea, is beautifully interpreted by accomplished coin designer Jason Bouwman. This stunning coin is limited to only 15,000 examples worldwide.

2011 25-Cent colored coin – barn swallow
The enduring popularity of the Mint’s coloured 25-cent Birds of Canada coin series is sure to soar once again with the brilliant image of a female Barn Swallow feeding her young. Illustrated by Ontario wildlife artist Arnold Nogy and reproduced in a vibrant paint application over a large nickel-plated steel coin, this agile and attractive bird is a fixture of Canada’s rural landscape. This coin, which should attract numismatists and birders alike, is limited to a mintage of 14,000.

Canada – $2 – Elk Calf (Designer: Christie Paquet) – Mintage: 15.000.

2011 “Elk calf” Young wildlife specimen set
Appealing to young coin collectors everywhere, the Mint is once again introducing a youthful companion to its classic annual specimen set in 2011. Senior Mint Engraver Christie Paquet has created a captivating image of a new-born elk precariously testing its legs in a summer meadow on a special-edition bi-metallic two-dollar coin. This coin is accompanied by all of Canada’s other 2011 circulation coins bearing the distinctly lined background of a specimen finish. The limited world-wide mintage of this newest specimen set is 15,000.

Canada – 50c – Canadian Coat of Arms (Designer: Christie Paquet) – Mintage: 7.000 rolls of 25 coins each.

2011 Circulation coin roll – 50 cent
One of the Mint’s most timeless collectibles returns in 2011 with the latest edition of the 50-cent piece, featuring its classic Canadian Coat of Arms design, in a commemorative paper wrap roll of 25 coins. Limited to a world-wide mintage of only 7,000 rolls.

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