Cayón Numismática

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Cayón’s E-Auction 61 Is Online

Cayón Numismática present their e-auction 61 on 15 November 2019 closing at 5 pm. The sale features 1,811 lots from an ancient collection that covered almost all numismatic fields.

  • Gold ancient and spanish
  • Ancient Greek and Eastern, Carthago and islamic
  • Collection of aes grave, roman sestertii and coins (republic and empire)
  • Iberian denarii and aes
  • Spanish medieval and Catholic Kings
  • Spanish XVI to XIX century
  • Medals and coins peseta and Juan Carlos I
  • Medals and coins of the world


  • More than 120 gold coins
  • More than 140 sestertii
  • More than 180 denarii
  • More than 180 coins of Catholic Kings
  • More than 275 iberian aes


  • Group of roman denarii including some rare of Julius Caesar, Sexto Pompeio and August
  • A collection of roman sestertii including some scarce and atractive, such as Nero, Galba, Pertinax and a double Trajanus Decius sestertius
  • A large group of aes, about 300 Roman and Iberian, including a collection of aes grave
  • A remarkable collection of Catholic Kings coins from 8 reales to half, more than 180 lots, including some scarce and rare pieces as a Cuenca real, and several gold coins including a very rare Segovia’s excelente (prior to Pragmatica)
  • A group of gold coins of solidi, aurei, Visigoths’ tremisses
  • almost 100 Spanish coins lots, including a dozen of 8 escudos where you can find a Felipe V Seville 1712
  • And last, some modern and contemporary coins, as a nice 20 reales from Isabel II Madrid 1836, a good 8 reales from Carlos II Segovia 1687, a 2 reales heart shape from Potosi 1706

You can find the auction catalogue on the Cayón website.