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Money is what counts

A special exhibit of the Staatliche Münzsammlung (National Coin Collection) Munich from November 5th, 2009, to May 2nd, 2010 Money – that is not only coins and banknotes but also very different objects according to culture. The cowry as currency, for example, looks on a much longer ...

Premium prices for a Polish king at Gorny & Mosch

Eight lots related to the Polish king Stephen Báthory were offered in auction sale 183 of the company Gorny & Mosch, Giessener Münzhandlung, Munich, with an estimate of 3.380 Euros. The end result added up to incredible 124,000 Euros*.

A Hat fit for a Prince

The Crown of an Austrian Archduke The second 100 Euro coin in the gold series “Crowns of the House of Habsburg” will be released on Wednesday, 4th November. It is dedicated to the so-called “Archduke’s Hat”, a name derived from ...

Learning to identify counterfeit money the easy way

All too often counterfeit money remains unidentified because nobody expects to come across it in the daily routine. Those who use the phony Euro trainer know better what to watch out for – this game was developed by the German police...

Honorary doctorate conferred on merited numismatist

Harald Nilsson has made the Uppsala University Coin Cabinet known worldwide and has been conferred an honorary doctorate by the Faculty of Arts, Department of History, at the University of Uppsala.

Interpol opens his database on stolen works of art

Nowadays, the computer is an indispensable aid in providing information for the broad public quickly. Especially the internet has become an important means of fighting theft of works of art. Thus far, Interpol’s stolen works of art database was accessible only to the police. Now it has been opened to all, to collectors, dealers and anyone interested.

20 Ounce Gold Coin celebrates a 20 Year Success Story

Twenty years ago in 1989 the Austrian State Mint passed from the Treasury into the ownership of the central bank. The mint was given the freedom to produce and sell products in accordance with the demands of the modern numismatic and investment markets. One of the very first innovations introduced by the new CEO, Paul Berger, was the production of a gold bullion coin for investment purposes: the Vienna Philharmonic.

What is research heading for?

XIV International Numismatic Congress, Glasgow Between August 31st and September 4th, 2009, the XIV International Numismatic Congress was held in Glasgow. 550 delegates came from all over the world to visit sessions and give lectures.

No proof of origin necessary to sell and buy coins

On September 21st, 2009, 47-year-old installer Sylvio Müller stood trial for dealing in stolen goods in 711 cases. Reason for that was his hobby that the Hessian police deemed suspicious...

A pilot scheme between eBay and the Swiss Federal Office for Cultural Affairs

Seemingly deliberate deletion of auction sales cause a stir among eBay users It is a well-known problem. Anyone can turn things he doesn’t want any more into cash on eBay. In the last years, eBay has revolutionized the trade between seller and buyer and abolished the intermediary. What essentially is in the interest of the private user can be abused very easily when the seller offers goods which are illegal on the official market.

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