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Human Faces Part 19: The Saint of the Heathens

Why is it that for centuries – or rather thousands of years – the head has served as the motif for the side of a coin? And why has this changed in the last 200 years? This chapter of the series ‘Human Faces’ looks at why Julian was nicknamed ‘The Apostate’.

The Thirty Years’ War – Part 4

Both religion and power were the focal points of the Thirty Years’ War that shook the whole of Europe during the 17th century. Ursula Kampmann brings that era alive. Today you will read how war-related events moved from Bohemia to the Rhine.

The True Draft of the First Commemorative Coin of the Federal Republic of Germany

On June 25, 2015, Künker auctions a sensation of post-WWII German numismatics: a pattern for the rejected draft by Karl Roth for the first German commemorative coin ‘Germanisches Museum’ (‘Germanic Museum’). Until now, a plaster cast model was the only known testimony!

Blood money

Blodsklippingar or blood klippe is the Swedish numismatic term for coins that tell the story of one of the darkest periods of Swedish history: the drama of fraternal feud and a revolt, of great love and courageous women, of insanity, passion and lust for power… but see for yourself.

The Battle of Poltava

On February 4th, 2016, Auction House Künker will offer a gold medal, commemorating, what probably is, the most important military success of Peter the Great: his victory at the Battle of Poltava, which changed the course of the Great Nordic War.

Sicilian Mosaic Part 6: The Carthaginians attack

The following part centers on the first big battle of the Greeks against the Carthaginians and the victor: Gelon. But his victory didn’t bode well for a lot of inhabitants of Sicily: They were forced to leave their ancestral home.

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