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The Thirty Years’ War – Part 9 (1629-1630)

Religion was of secondary importance in the Thirty Years’ War. It was all about power and money. Ursula Kampmann brings that era alive. Today we look abroad: to Mantua and the Netherlands.

The Julius lösers

In London as many as 12 Julius löser, of several dates and weights, will be offered on October 30, 2015. These impressive coins tell of one of the most remarkable rulers of the 16th century and a numismatic success story.

This is how coins with polymer ring are made: a visit to the Karlsruhe Mint

On April 14, 2016, the 5 euro coins “Planet Earth” will be released. The number of orders exceeds the mintage. For all those who came away empty-handed we have a view inside the Karlsruhe Mint where a portion of the mintage was produced.

Why a State Mints Coins

Why did states start to mint their own coins? And why does the control of the monetary system belong to the most important governmental tasks? Here you will find an insight how this happened.

Numismatic miniatures from the North: Part 4 – Treasure Island. Treasures, treasures and even more treasures

More than 700 treasure cases with around 180,000 coins have been discovered on the island of Gotland. The trader-peasants buried the earnings from their adventurous travels in the ground, where they were found by their descendants.

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