Cassander copper coins from 1914 Pella Excavations re-published

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September 7, 2017 – The 1914 excavations in the region of Pella unearthed among other finds 231 copper coins. At the time of unearthing one could already read clearly on the less oxidized pieces the name of the Macedonian King Cassander.

G. P. Oeconomos, The Pella Find (1914) and the copper coinage of Cassander. Demetrius Siatras, Athens 2017. Hard cover, 72 pp. with 3 plates. ISBN: 978-618-82459-5-2.

The place where the find arose and the small value of these coins suggest that they belonged to a concierge of the house, who concealed the money in that room but never retook it. Numismatically, the find presents a noteworthy series of symbols and monograms on the reverse side of the coins and enriches our poor knowledge of Cassander’s coinage, which is discussed in detail, considering also – besides the Pella find – the copper coins kept in the Athens’ Numismatic Museum as well as in other museums and collections.

Demetrius Siatras makes this edition from 1918/1921 available again and translated it into English.

You can take a look at the book at Demetrias Siatras’ profile.