Canadian Coin News goes digital

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March 28, 2013 – Canadian Coin News Canada’s leading source of numismatic information, is now offering a digital version. The new product is an electronic version of the 50-year-old print magazine. The pages look the same as the print version, and have the same content. The big difference is that digital subscribers don’t have to wait for their issue to arrive since the digital version will be made available the same day the print copies enter the mail stream.

Electronic subscribers outside of Canada and the United States can also save money, since the electronic version is offered at the same rate anywhere in the world. Currently foreign print subscribers pay a substantially higher rate because of the higher postal costs. The file is interactive, so readers can click on an ad to go directly to the firm’s website. Similarly, the email links shown in text are live.

The digital version is stored on a file server, and available through the Internet, offered through the “visual printer” Zinio. That means you can read Canadian Coin News anywhere you have access to the Internet, which amounts to almost the entire planet today.

For now, the price of a digital version is the same as a print version. While it is true that the editor don’t has to pay to print electronic magazines, they have a number of additional costs that are unique to the digital format. Existing readers can convert from print to digital if you choose for the remainder of your subscription.

In addition to timeliness and portability, the electronic system also saves paper, that’s good news for those of us who like to keep our carbon footprint as small as possible.

For more information, go to the CCN website.