Call for papers for monographs on ancient economy

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February 16, 2012 – Herakleion. Interdisciplinary Journal of Mediterranean History and Archaeology, following its editorial lines, has started to prepare monographs on different topics of antiquity, which will be published under the title “Anejos de Herakleion”. This is one of them.
Economy is one of the central themes of History and therefore we have decided to launch this monograph around this topic. Thus, we have invited five specialists in different fields of ancient economy as editors. Each one of them will be responsible for different sections and different requirements will apply, but some general guidelines have been set up for those interested in taking part on this publications: originality, interdisciplinary approaches and the quest for new perspectives and ways of understanding ancient economic phenomena.

The five sections mentioned above are:

  • Ancient economies: theoretical aspects (Dr Aarón A. Reyes)
  • Migrations and colonial situations in the ancient Mediterranean. Economical transformations (Dr Jaime Vives-Ferrándiz)
  • A ‘Corrupting Sea’ in the making?: Interstate relations, war and the economy in the Ancient Mediterranean (Dr Daniel Gómez)
  • Coinage and monetary flow in antiquity (Dr Almudena Domínguez)
  • Economical networks in domestic contexts in antiquity: a quantitative approach (Dr Jesús Bermejo)

Deadline for article submission: 30th June 2012
Estimated publication date: End of 2012

Guidelines for article submission and editing are available here.

For further information, you may write an email to the editors.

Herakleion commits itself to consider every piece of work submitted for this monograph and which is rejected due to lack of space or to editorial decisión for publication in the Journal.

The complete Call for Paper (in English) comprising comprehensive information regarding the different sections and their topics can be downloaded here.