Call for contributions: Unpublished Anglo-Gallic coins

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October 2, 2014 – Do you have any Anglo-Gallic coins as yet unpublished? This is the last opportunity to get any new varieties into the book “A Catalogue of Anglo-Gallic Coins”. All contributions will be acknowledged.
A call from authors Paul Withers, Bente R Withers and Steve Ford.

A Catalogue of Anglo-Gallic Coins of Aquitaine, Bergerac, Issoudun, Ponthieu and Poitou and the Royal coins of Henry V and VI.
In 1984, Spink published “The Anglo-Gallic Coins”, the work of E R Duncan Elias, a collector and enthusiast. Thirty years on it is time to take advantage of the immense progress made by photography, computers, typesetting and printing, and Galata Print is now very close to publishing a new book on the subject.

The authors, Paul and Bente Withers, and Steve Ford, have been researching and / or collecting Anglo-Gallic coins for a dozen years or longer and during that time gained access to museums, dealers and auction houses, and were allowed to photograph most of the important public collections and many private collections. For over a decade thousands of coins were photographed and recorded. The result is a catalogue raisonnée of all known types and minor varieties of gold, silver and billon coins, including around 36 types and hundreds more minor varieties that were not known to Elias. Apart from the major types that Elias did not know, an exact count of the new minor varieties is not possible because the items are sometimes catalogued in a different way from Elias’ work.

Using their numismatic and other skills the authors have taken the opportunity to correct errors, make numerous additions and revisions, add hundreds of high quality illustrations, and to present the information so as to make it more accessible to collectors, students, numismatists, dealers, and archaeologists. The work also includes an extensive bibliography of works in English and French, compiled by Steve Ford and Andy Singer.

So far the work includes 560 illustrations, most of which are in colour, 278 enlargements of features to help identification, over 80 line drawings and a map.

Introduction, including a time line of events in England, France and the rest of the World. A section for the beginner on lettering and how to identify coins. A chapter is devoted to a listing of marks other than letters, including cross types found in the book, mint marks, punctuation, issue marks, other secret marks and their possible meanings. There is a table of rarity. Each coin is accorded a rarity rating. Legends are given for obverse and reverse and the combinations in which they occur are given. Highest / lowest known weights are given along with an average for each variety. The denominations are discussed.

To get in contact, please email Paul Withers.