Byzantine Coinage in the Carpathian-Nistrian Regions

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December 22, 2016 – Two years ago Sergiu Musteata, historian from Republic of Moldova, published a monograph on the Byzantine coinage in the Carpathian-Nistrian regions. This publication however aimed mainly at an academic readership and was published in Romanian and only in few copies.

Sergiu Musteata, Moneda Bizantina in regiunile Carpato-Nistrene / Byzantine Coinage in the Carpathian-Nistrian Regions. 2nd edition. Demetrius Siatras Publisher, Athens 2016. 304 pp. with illustrations in colour. Soft cover. ISBN: 978-618-82459-2-1. 40 euros.

Thanks to the Greek publisher Demetrius Siatras this volume is now available in an international edition: it is bilingual (Romanian-English) and includes a separate part with colour plates.
After an introduction, in the first chapter the coins are analysed chronologically by emperor. The following chapters deal with nominals and mints, and the phenomenon of hoarding. After the conclusions and a summary the catalogue presents the coins separated in “isolated coins” and “hoards”. An essay is dedicated to the Byzantine coins of the Dumbarton Oaks Collection. Various indexes and a bibliography round the volume off.

You can find the book at the publisher’s Academia profile.