Burglars without numismatic knowledge quickly copped

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by Björn Schöpe

October 3, 2013 – Sometimes a certain ingenuity of people who steal rare coins strikes us. We just recall the story of the couple of young people who tried to pay a pizza with rare coins worth tens of thousands of dollars at their humble face value
This time some teenagers stole among other things a rare coin collection probably worth tens of thousands of dollars from a house in Saint Paul (MN) on Wednesday night September 18, 2013. The next day, the owner had just informed his employer, a local bank, the burglars happened to show up right in this bank just a couple of hours later and asked to change coins into paper money. But when the coins were being operated by a coin-counting machine the device jammed … Police arrested five 18-year old men and are now looking for the bulk of stolen coins.
So, keep in mind, if your rare coin collection has grown so large that you don’t even know how many pieces it is composed of, take your time to count them by hand, but never ever put them into a coin-counting machine. It simply won’t work.

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