Burglars’ New Tactics

Burglars in North America have come up with new tactics.
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In the last few weeks, there have been reports of over 30 burglary cases of jewelry stores across the country. In all cases the power lines have been cut to disable the stores alarm systems. Suspects then gained entry either from the roof or sidewall of adjoining space.

Investigators believe the burglars cut the power lines soon after a store has closed and then wait to see what type of response is made by the owner or police. Once the suspects witness the response or lack thereof, they gain entry into the store and cut or torch the safes.

Offenses have occurred in Florida, Colorado, California, Indiana, Idaho, Illinois, Utah and in Canada.

Coin show owners are urged to take the following preventive measures:

  • Conduct a risk assessment of your business

  • Evaluate your alarm system (Upgrade as technology changes)

  • Periodically test your alarm system

  • Know the average response time from your police department

  • Develop alarm response protocols for yourself, relative or employee. (Never respond alone; request police assistance to search building)

  • A periodic risk assessment of your business will assist you in identifying vulnerabilities and weaknesses that increase your chances of becoming a crime victim

For more information please contact Doug Davis (President of the Numismatic Crime Information Center).

Visit the Numismatic Crime Information Center website or Facebook page to get updates on future crimes and other numismatics-related incidents.