Bullion Trade in Medieval and Early Modern Europe

Thanks to a recording, you can still attend the conference. Image: Tumisu on pixaby.
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In October, the “Bullion trade in medieval and early modern Europe” conference took place in Prague. The organisers provide you with recordings of all sessions. To find out what part of the conference you want to listen to, check the timestamps below.

The conference papers will be published within the series The Palgrave Studies in the History of Finance.

15 October 2020

Click here for the recording of the sessions on 15 October.

Indicative timing of particular papers:

  • 00:19 – 01:05 – Dariusz Adamczyk (Deutsches Historisches Institut, Warschau), Hoarding silver in High Medieval East-Central Europe: Economic wealth, backwardness, or war?
  • 01:08 – 01:43 – Roger Svensson (Research Institute of Industrial Economics, Stockholm), The Secrets of Emergency Debasements
  • 01:43 – 02:01 – Piotr Guzowski (University of Bialystok), Mint production as the source of royal income in Poland and Lithuania under Jagiellonian Rule (14th-16th centuries)
  • 02:03 – 02:41 – Borys Paszkiewicz (University of Wrocław), Where did Polish Mints get silver in the Middle Ages? A new attempt to answer the old question
  • 02:44 – 03:28 – Alan M. Stahl (Princeton University), Venice in the transformation of northern bullion to Mediterranean money: The evidence of the Condulmer account books (1388–1413)
  • 03:28 – 04:17 (N.B. between 03:30 and 03:49 live transmission interrupted) – Katalin Prajda (Harvard University, Villa I Tatti, Florence), Florentines’ Involvement in Bullion Trade in the Kingdom of Hungary in the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries
  • 04:20 – 05:00 – Grzegorz Myśliwski (Warsaw University), The Wrocław trade in precious metals from the thirteenth to the fifteenth centuries
  • 05:00 – 05:35 – Anna Paulina Orłowska (Institute of History, Polish Academy of Sciences), Coins in the trade of Danzig merchant in the 15th century

16 October 2020

Click here for the recording of the sessions on 16 October.

Indicative timing of particular papers:

  • 00:01 – 00:45 – Nuno Palma (University of Manchester), Monetary Capacity
  • 00:49 – 01:22 – Claudio Marsilio (University of Lisbon), Spanish bullion in times of crisis. New evidence from Genoa (1640s-1690s)
  • 01:24 – 02:17 – Petr Vorel (University of Pardubice), The volume and organization of silver supply to the papal mint in Rome in 1643–1644
  • 02:17 – 03:02 – Viktors Dāboliņs (University of Tartu), How much silver was reminted in the mint of Riga from 1598 to 1621?


Here you can find more information on Roman Zaoral, who made these videos available.