Book on Kushan’s coinage

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August 16, 2012 – A new book on Kushan’s coinage in the light of recent discoveries and interpretations has been published recently. Vidula Jayaswal has put together a list of contributions by various experts on the topic illuminating many aspects in regard.

Vidula Jayaswal (ed.), Glory of the Kushans. Recent Discoveries and Interpretations, Aryan Books International, 2012. xvi, 456 p. figs. ISBN: 9788173054273. $275.00.

Contents: I. Discoveries: old and recent: 1. Rediscovering the Kushans / Joe Cribb. 2. Recent discovery of copper coins hoard of Kushan period from Basani, Varanasi / Savita Sharma. II. Hegemony: Kushan empire and out posts: 3. Eastern Baktria under da Yuezhi hegemony / Jeffery D. Lerner. 4. The Northern frontier region of the Kushan empire / Michael Mitchiner. III. Chronology and succession: 5. Chronology of the early Kushans: new evidence / Osmund Bopearachchi. 6. Kanishka in context with the historical Buddha and Kushan chronology / Hans Loeschner. IV. Policies and patronage: Kushan religion: 7. Policy, patronage, and the shrinking pantheon of the Kushans / Robert Bracey. 8. Kanishka and the Sarvastivada synod / Charles Willemen. 9. Devaputra Kushan / Archana Sharma. 10. Lady donors and their contribution to the religious institutions in Kushan period / Arpita Chatterjee. V. Architecture and settlement : Kushan archaeology: 11. Colonial archaeology and Buddhism : Punjab plains in the early centuries AD / Himanshu Prabha Ray. 12. Architectural and cultural facets of Kushan settlement at Sanghol, District Ludhiana, Punjab a study on the basis of excavated remains / C. Margabandhu. 13. Kushan township of Khairadih: an appraisal of excavated remains / Birendra Pratap Singh. 14. Urban traits and Kushan settlements of Ganga plain / Vidula Jayaswal and Manoj Kumar. VI. Art expressions: Kushan portraits and compositions: 15. Kushan portraits / T.K. Biswas and Savita Sharma. 16. Vajrapani and Vajra in Kushan art / Arundhati Banerji. 17. Jaina images of Kushan period : study in mutuality / Maruti Nandan Pd. Tiwari. 18. Folk practices and clay art of Kushan period / Vidula Jayaswal and Meera Sharma. VII. Expansion and continuity: Kushan styles and techniques: 19. Khotan: a Kushan outpost in Central Asia / Chhaya Bhattacharya Haesner. 20. Kushan influence on Gupta coinage: continuity and change / Prashant P. Kulkarni. 21. Gandhara Mathura and Buddhist sculptures of mediaeval  China / Chongfeng Li. Bibliography. Index.

For further information visit the publisher’s website.

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