Book on Coins of India with current prices 1835-2012

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August 9, 2012 – Coins of India: Specialized Study With Current Prices 1835-2012 by V. K. Gupta, Neha Gupta and Varun Nischal – this book will be a delight to numismatics or anyone interested in the collection valuation and study of coins. This catalogue book is a Specialized Study of Coins of India from pre-independence era till date with valuations, description, representative photos including proof and UNC sets highlighting the individual characteristics and composition of each of these coins.

V. K. Gupta, Neha Gupta and Varun Nischal, Coins of India: Specialized Study With Current Prices 1835-2012, Hobby Book Centre. 2012. $75.00.

It is a trip down the hallways of history via the coins of that period. Valuation, Variety and Visuals are the three main characteristics of this book. The valuation aims to give collectors an idea of what prices they may have to pay in Indian Rupees. Varieties in coins have been included, from where further research may be carried. Visuals of representative and rare coins have been provided. The book also provides a window into the legal provisions concerning numismatists.

Scope of the book extends to machine made coins of East India Company, 1835 to Republic of India 2012. Regular and commemorative coins mule proof and sets of proofs and UNCs have been listed mint wise. Several unlisted items are included. At many places themes depicted on the coins are provided. The study excludes patterns designs weights and lakhi coins. It does not cover coins of Indian princely states French and Portuguese India.

Its contribution lies in consolidating and amending wisdom of the past and incorporate new information. Works of Pridmore Dr. Paul Stevens Krause and others are referred, without infringing upon anybody’s intellectual property or copyright. In Proof and UNC section, we have taken some images and information from Standard Guide to Coin Sets of India’ with the permission of copyright holders and we are grateful to them for the same.

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