Aztec God and jaguars – The Aztec calendar on a 2011 Mexican 1 kg silver coin

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April 21, 2011 – One of the world’s most impressive archaeological treasures ? weighing over 22 tons and with a diameter of about 12 feet ? has inspired one of the world’s largest coins, containing 1 kilogram (over 32 oz.) of pure silver.

Mexico – $100 – 32.15oz 999 silver – Mintage: 1,500

The obverse features one of the most elaborate designs ever featured on a coin ? the Aztec Calendar. The upper part of the obverse features the legend “Calendario Azteca” (Aztec Calendar). The right side of the obverse features the mint mark of the Casa de Moneda de México, while on the bottom left is the legal tender denomination ($100), followed by the year of minting, 2011, and the legend “1 kg Plata Pura Ley .999” (1 Kilogram Pure Silver Fineness .999).

In the center of the reverse is a sculptural relief of the National Shield, encompassed by the legend “Estados Unidos Mexicanos” (United States of Mexico). Surrounding this, are reproductions of the different National Shields used throughout Mexico’s history. The coin is gem prooflike brilliant uncirculated quality ? with frosty devices contrasting with dazzling mirrorlike fields.

This impressive coin, containing over 2 pounds of pure silver, comes with several impressive accessories, including a laser etched timber case designed specifically to keep and exhibit the coin; a certificate of authenticity with unique serial number; a book detailing the Aztec Calendar’s history; and a magnifying glass.

The Aztec calendar, carved in stone – c. 1479

The Aztec calendar, carved c.1479, is one of Mexico’s national symbols. The massive stone may have been a monument or possibly a sacrificial altar. The sun god Tonatuih is in the center; each of his hands holds a human heart. The god is surrounded by four squares that represent previous creations that perished by jaguars, wind, rain and water. The next concentric circle contains representations of the 18 months in the Aztec calendar, each 20 days long, plus 5 unlucky days ? adding up to a 365-day year. Finally, in the outer ring, there are head-to-head facing snakes with the date of the carving indicated between the tails.

Just 1,500 Aztec Calendar silver kilo coins have been minted in each year by Casa de Moneda de México, starting in 2008. Mel Wacks, Marketing Director of official distributor Panda America says:“Every year these have proven to be hot sellers, and this year they are literally flying out the door. This popularity is probably due in general to the rapidly rising value of silver, and in particular to the impressive size, appearance and deluxe packaging of the Aztec Calendar Pure Silver Kilo coin.” The 2011 coin comes with a laser-etched wood presentation case designed specifically to protect and exhibit the coin; a certificate of authenticity with a unique serial number, a book detailing the Aztec Calendar’s history; and a magnifying glass.

If you are interested in this “gigantic” coin you will just find all information needed here.

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