Austrian Mint Issuing Programme 2013

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December 20, 2012 – The Austrian Mint has announced its issuing programme 2013. Collectors will find the traditional New Year’s coin and new editions of popular series like the ‘Federal Provinces’ and ‘Klimt and his women.’ There will be a new series, too: ‘Prehistoric Life.’

23.01.2013: 25 euro silver niobium coin ‘Tunnelling’
27.02.2013: 50 euro gold coin ‘The Expectation’ (Klimt and his women)
20.03.2013: 20 euro silver coin ‘Stefan Zweig’ (European Writers)
17.04.2013: 20 euro silver coin ‘Trias – Life in the water’ (Prehistoric Life)
15.05.2013: 10 euro coin ‘Lower Austria’ (Federal Provinces)
05.06.2013: 5 euro coin ‘Land of water’
11.09.2013: 20 euro silver coin ‘Jura – life in the air’ (Prehistoric Life)
16.10.2013: 10 euro coin ‘Vorarlberg’ (Federal Provinces)
16.10.2013: Austrian Proof Set 2012 ‘1 cent to 2 euro’
13.11.2013: 100 euro gold coin (Austrian Wildlife)

For further information please visit the website of The Austrian Mint.