Australia remembers 100 years of Army Chaplains on Anzac Day

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May 9, 2013 – With the Australian Army Chaplains leading this year’s Anzac Day veterans’ march on April 25 in recognition of a century of ministry and pastoral support, it is fitting that they have been recognised on the latest collectible coin in the Australia Remembers series from the Royal Australian Mint.

The Australia Remembers coin series pays tribute to past and present Australians who played important roles during times of war, conflict and peace operations. The Army Chaplains are an integral part of the Defence community in which they serve, are known as a friend to all and a helper to those in need.
“As we reflect on and commemorate the enormous sacrifice made by defence personnel on the frontline of battle this Anzac day, it is equally important to remember the service of all Australian military personnel,” said The Hon Bernie Ripoll MP, Parliamentary Secretary to The Treasurer.
“The spiritual, religious, moral and ethical wellbeing of the Australian Army has been guided by Army Chaplains for the past 100 years, and the centenary of their support is now being commemorated on the latest Australia Remembers coin.”
The Royal Australian Army Chaplains’ Department commenced in 1913 to provide oversight of military chaplains. It began with the appointment of four Chaplains General at the Australian Army Headquarters in Melbourne. Known to members of the Australian Defence Force as Padre, each chaplain is dedicated to the spiritual, religious, moral and ethical wellbeing of our armed forces.
Army Chaplains play a pivotal role in providing spiritual ministry to all members of the Army, regardless of spiritual faith and denomination, and experience every aspect of Service life.
“The Royal Australian Army Chaplains have tended to the spiritual and moral needs of the Australian Army for the past 100 years, living alongside frontline infantry and experiencing the horrors of war,” said Principal Chaplain Webb of the Australian Army.
“It is fitting that this century of service has now been formally recognised on an Australian coin.”
This series has previously honoured Australian Service Nurses, the Lost Soldiers of Fromelles, War Historians and Australian Merchant Navy.

For more information about or an image of the 2013 Australia Remembers Royal Australian Army Chaplains 20c coin please visit the website of The Royal Australian Mint.

This is the official website of The Royal Australian Army Chaplains Department.