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Atlas Numismatics Updates Their Newest Fixed Price Offers

Atlas Numismatics has updated their website with 373 new coins, medals, and tokens at fixed prices. Selections include the following items:

No. 1063783.

Salzburg Medallic 5 Ducats

No. 1063783: Austrian States. Salzburg. Franz Anton von Harrach. (Prince-Archbishop of Salzburg, 1709-1727). Medallic 5 Ducats, ND. By Philipp Heinrich Müller. NGC MS62. 30mm. 17.51gm. FRANCISCVS • ANTON • S • R • I • PRINC • DE • HARRACH •. Bust, right; engravers signature (six-pointed star) below truncation / NEC LAXE – NEC STRICTE NIMIS (Neither too loose, nor too tight). Horse to right rears to reigns held from above by the hand of God. Forster 856; Zöttl 2329. Price: $24,500.

Drentwett Confirmation Medal in Silver

No. 1063422: Austria. Franz Joseph I. (Emperor, 1848-1916). Confirmation Medal, c.1850. By Drentwett. Vienna. PCGS SP63. 32mm. 9.35gm. Baptism scene before an ornate alter / Dove of the Holy Spirit within radiant oval. Includes original case. Price: $349.

No. 1063482.

Proof 1916 Cuba 10 Pesos

No. 1063482: Cuba. Jose Marti. (First Republic, 1902-1962). 10 Pesos, 1916-(P). By Charles E. Barber. U.S. Mint, Philadelphia. NGC PR63. Edge: CON TODOS Y PARA TODOS. National arms within wreath, denomination below / Head right, date below. KM 20; Fr.-3. Dies engraved and prepared by Charles E. Barber. Struck at the Philadelphia Mint, to the same weight standards and fineness of contemporary United States gold coins. An exceedingly rare piece in proof; the Eliasberg catalogue noted “Fewer than 10 specimens are thought to have been coined, perhaps all on April 7, 1916, the day a special double presentation set of Proof Cuban coinage was produced for President Menocal”. Price: $49,500.

Superb Thonnelier Essai

No. 1062781: France. Louis Philippe I. (King, 1830-1848). Essai 5 Francs, 1833. By Nicolas Tiolier. PCGS SP66RD (Red). LOUIS PHILIPPE I – ROI DES FRANÇAIS. Bust right, Engravers signature below truncation of neck / AU ROI / THONNELIER / AUTEUR / DE LA PRESSE / MONÉTAIRE / 1833. Dedication in wreath inscribed in French on 6 lines. Maz.-1152. Superb and exceptional. Price: $2,850

No. 1063531.

Elizabeth I Sovereign

No. 1063531: Great Britain. England. Elizabeth I. (Queen, 1558-1603). Sovereign, (1592-95)-(Tun), London. PCGS AU58. +ELIZABETH D: G: ANG: FRA: ET. HIB: REGINA. Queen seated on large throne and facing; a lis atop pillars to either side, throne back of pellets in hatching, five small pellets up each side of throne back, portcullis below Queen, tressure and beaded border surrounding / +A; DNO’ FACTV: EST. ISTVD. ET. EST. MIRAB’ IN OCVL: NRS:. Quartered shield of arms at center of ornate rose; beaded circle surrounding. SCBC-2529; North 2003; Fr.-209; Brown and Comber A26; Schneider 783. Highly lustrous and very attractive. Price: $65,000.

1845 Victoria Young Head Crown

No. 1064288: Great Britain. Victoria. (Queen, 1837-1901). Crown, 1845. PCGS MS64. VICTORIA DEI GRATIA. Head left / BRITANNIARUM REGIBA FID: DEF:. Crowned arms within branches. KM 741; SCBC-3882; ESC-282. Beautiful satiny surfaces and very rare in this quality; one hairline scratch in the field to the left of Victoria’s portrait. Price: $19,500

Mint State Iturbide 8 Reales

No. 1064357: Mexico. Augustin I Iturbide. 8 Reales, 1823-Mo JM, Mexico City. NGC MS62. AUGUSTINUS DEI… Head right, continuous legend with short irregular truncation / MEX · I · IMPERATOR… Crowned eagle, 8 R.J.M. below eagle. KM 310. Attractively toned. Price: $4,450

No. 1063858.

Segovia Mint Philip III 4 Escudos

No. 1063858: Spain. Philip III. 4 Escudos, 1607-(Aqueduct), Segovia. PCGS MS64. Crowned shield of royal arms between mint mark with assayer mark below and value / Cross in quatrefoil, date above in legend. Fr.-186; Calico 1094 Segovia. Extremely rare and a superb example; struck from roller dies. Price: $67,500


Updates to their online inventory are issued monthly.

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