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Atlas Numismatics Update Their Fixed Price Offers in September 2022

Atlas Numismatics has updated their website with 376 new coins, medals, and tokens at fixed prices. Selections include the following items:

No. 1069941.

Mint State Siculo-Punic Tetradrachm

No. 1069941: Greek. Sicily. Siculo-Punic Coinage. Struck circa 300-289 BC. AR Tetradrachm. NGC MS (Mint State) Strike 5/5 Surface 4/5. Entella. 23mm. 17.24gm. Head of Heracles wearing lion’s skin headress right / Horse head facing left, palm tree behind, Punic letters MHMHNT (People of the Camp) below. Jenkins, Punic, 289 (O92/R237). – Price: $29,500.

Choice Leopold and Claudia Double Thaler

No. 1070080: Austria. Leopold. (1626) AR 2 Thaler. NGC MS63. Hall. 57.72gm. Conjoined busts of Leopold and Claudia right / Crowned eagle within inner circle, legend around. KM 639 (Prev. KM 808); Dav.-3331. – Wedding of Leopold and Claudia. – Price: $6,750.

No. 1068373.

Superb Ghent Imitation Noble

No. 1068373: Belgium. Flanders. Ville de Gand (Ghent). (1581-1584). 1583 AV Imitation Noble. NGC MS64. Ghent. 6.83gm. MO: AVREA. RESTAVR. METROPOL. GAND. FLAND. King standing facing in ship with flag, holding shield and sword, holding flag bearing rampant lion at stern, N – T in fields divided by rigging / NISI. DNS. CVSTOD. CIVITAT. FRVSTRA. VIGILANT. 83 (rampant lion). Floriate cross, leopard and crown in alternate angles. Fr.-244; Delmonte 527. – Type 3 imitation Noble from the rebellion against the rule of Philip II, 1581-84. Ex Fernand David Collection. – Price: $13,500.

Beautifully Toned Napoleon III Medal

No. 1067571: France. Napoleon III. (Emperor, 1842-1870). 1855 AR-plated Tin Medal. PCGS SP65. By Caque & Massonnet Editeur. Edge: Plain. 50mm. 46.70gm. Conjoined busts of Napoleon and Eugenie, left; without legend / PALAIS DE L’INDUSTRIE/ … View of the Palace of Industry. Collignon 1693 (Obv.) & Collignon 1686. – Housed in an oversized holder. Includes original case. – Price: $795.

James II Elephant and Castle Guinea

No. 1069700: Great Britain. England. James II. (King, 1685-88). 1685 AV Guinea. PCGS MS61. London. 8.45gm. First laureate bust, with elephant and castle below / Cruciform of crowned shields of arms; scepters in the angles. KM 453.2; SCBC-3401; EGC-322 (Bull); Fr.-296. – $27,500.

No. 1069706.

Likely Unique 1825 Pattern Two Pounds

No. 1069706: Great Britain. George IV. (King, 1820-1830). 1825 AV Pattern Two Pounds. NGC PR64UCAM (Ultra Cameo). By W. Wyon. London. Edge: Plain. 15.98gm. GEORGIUS IV DEI GRATIA. Bare head, left / BRITANNIARUM REX FID: DEF:. Arms within crowned mantle. KM 701. Proof; SCBC-3799; W&R 224 (R7). – A likely unique pattern with a different bust and a plain rim. Described as follows in the Nobleman catalogue: “struck on a larger flan with plain margin on the obv. side; edge, plain, brilliant and probably unique”. Ex. Edmonds/H. Clark/Murdoch/Nobleman: Nobleman Lot 125 (British and Colonial Coins, Patterns & Proofs, Plate IV) Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge, 27 March 1922. – Price upon request.

Wonderful Restrike 1835 2 Mohurs

No. 1070087: India-British. 1835.-(c) AV 2 Mohurs. PCGS PR67 Cameo. Calcutta. Edge: Milled. WILLIAM IIII, KING. Head, right with “R.S.” incuse on truncation / EAST INDIA COMPANY. Palm tree, lion walking left. KM 452.1; S&W 1.4 Restrike; Prid.-3 Restrike. – Price: $195,000.

Gem Visigothic Tremissis of Suinthila

No. 1069898: Spain. Visigothic. Suinthila. (621-631) ND AV Tremissis. NGC MS65. Barbi (Málaga) mint. 1.40gm. + SVIИTHILΛ RE. Facing bust / + PIVS BΛRBI. Facing bust. CNV. 284.5; R.Pliego 366f. – Price: $3,450.

No. 1069786.

City View Basel 4 Ducats

No. 1069786: Swiss Cantons. Basel. 1740 H (Johann Jakob Handmann) AV 4 Ducats. PCGS MS63. 13.8gm. Eight shields above BASiLEA over city view / *DOMINE. CONSERVA. NOS. IN. PACE. Basilik holding shield. KM Pn9; Fr.-63; D.T. 767; HMZ 2-102c. – Exceedingly rare type. – Price: $89,500.


Updates to their online inventory are issued monthly.

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