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Atlas Numismatics Update Their Fixed Price Offers in April 2022

Atlas Numismatics has updated their website with 164 new coins, medals, and tokens at fixed prices. Selections include the following items:

No. 1067216.

Lovely Syracuse Decadrachm

No. 1067216: Greek. Sicily, Syracuse. Dionysios I. (Tyrant, 407-367 BC). Struck circa 405-370 BC. AR Decadrachm. NGC Ch. AU (Choice About Uncirculated) Strike 4/5 Surface 4/5 Fine Style. [ΣΥ-ΡΑ-Κ]Ο-[Σ]-ΙΩΝ. Head of Arethusa left, wearing wreath of grain ears, triple-pendant earring, and pearl necklace; pellet below chin, four dolphins swimming around / [AΘΛA]. Charioteer, holding kentron in extended right hand and reins in left, driving fast quadriga left; above, Nike flying right, crowning charioteer with wreath held in her extended hands; below heavy exergual line, [military harness, shield], greaves, cuirass, and crested Attic helmet, all connected by a horizontal spear. – Unsigned dies in the style of Euainetos. Attractive high-relief surfaces. Ex Lanz Auction 156 (6/2/2013) Lot 62. Includes NGC photo certificate. Price: $89,500.

No. 1066632.

Mint State Central American Republic 8 Reales

No. 1066632: Central American Republic. 1835-NG M AR 8 Reales. NGC MS64.Guatemala City. Five mountains, sun has large, full face / Tree divides denomination. – Struck in medal rotation. Deep cabinet patina. NGC Top Pop as of March 2022. Price: $9,500.

Gem Leopold “the Hogmouth” Ducat

No. 1067505: Hungary. Leopold I. 1694-K-B AV Ducat. NGC MS66. Kormoczbanya (Kremnitz mint). LEOPOLD: D: G: R – S: A: G: H: B: R E X. Leopold standing right divides mint mark in inner circle / · AR · AV · DV · BV · M · – MOCO · TY · date. Madonna with child at right. Price: $11,500.

No. 1067106.

Waitangi Crown

No. 1067106: New Zealand. George V. (King, 1910-1936). 1935 AR Crown. NGC PR66. Crowned bust left / Crown above standing figures shaking hands. – Struck to commemorate the Treaty of Waitangi, the accord signed in 1840 between representatives of Britain and Maori chiefs of the North Island of New Zealand. From a mintage of just 364 Proofs issued in sets and 104 issued individually. Price: $11,500.

No. 1066900.

Superb Schaffhausen Shooting Taler

No. 1066900: Switzerland. Schaffhausen. 1865 AR Confederation Shooting Taler of 5 Francs. NGC MS67+. Seated Helvetia with young son of William Tell holding apple pierced by arrow. / Cantonal Arms in Gothic frame. – For the Federal Shooting Festival held in Schaffhausen. Mintage of 10,000. Price: $5,750.


Updates to their online inventory are issued monthly.

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