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Atlas Numismatics Publish their Newest Fixed-Price List

Atlas Numismatics has updated their website with 230 new coins, medals, and tokens at fixed prices. Selections include the following items:


Superb Light Series Croesus Stater

1059602: Greek. Lydia. Croesus or Kroisos.. Circa 561 BC or Later. AV Stater. NGC Gem MS (Gem Mint State) Strike 5/5 Surface 5/5. Sardes. Confronted foreparts of lion and bull / Two incuse squares. SNG Kayhan 1023, SNG Copenhagen Supp. 362, SNG von Aulock 2875, BMFA 2073.Light series. A superb lustrous example, very rare in this quality. Ex CNG, Trition X, 9 January 2007, Lot 334. $115,000.


Maria Theresa 20 Ducats

1057995: Austria. Maria Theresa. “1780” (c.1950) SF AV Restrike Taler (20 Ducat). NGC MS64. Private Swiss mint. Edge: IUSTITIA ~ ET ~ CLEMENTIA . 44mm. 73.90gm. Bust of Maria Theresa, right; signed S.G. below truncation / Imperial Eagle. KM-T2; Hafner II.: 77b. Krause reports this issue was struck for Haile Selassie (Emperor of Ethiopia, 1930-1974). $9,750.


Sharply Struck Elizabeth I Crown

1059850: Great Britain. England. Elizabeth I. (1601-02)-Mint mark 1 AR Crown. NGC AU58. 29.93gm. ELIZABETH: D:G: ANG: FRA: ET: HIBER: REGINA: 1 :. Crowned bust, left in richly decorated dress, holding sceptre and orb / POSVI: DEVM: AD IVTORE M: MEVM: 1: (I have made God my Helper Psalm 54). Shield of arms over long cross fourchée. SCBC-2582; Dav.-3757. Ex- Goldbergs 91, Lot 2691 ($16,500 hammer). $19,500.

A superb piece with an excellent portrait and a deep cabinet patina. Ex-Ira & Larry Goldberg Coins & Collectibles Auction 91, 7 June 2016, lot number 2691, where described as “Struck on a large flan and planchet of full weight (29.93 grams) all lettering, and detail of the heraldic lions in the reverse arms well struck up. Carefully centered and with a delightful old cabinet tone. Because of the die cutting, there appears to be two ‘T’s in the monarch’s name, which creates an interesting variety. Virtually uncirculated and extremely rare thus.”


Exceptional William and Mary Coronation Medal

1058810: Great Britain. England. William and Mary. (King and Queen, 1688-1694). 1689 AR Coronation Medal. NGC MS63. By J. Roettier. 35mm. 17.16gm. GVLIELMVS. ET. MARIA, REX. ET. REGINA. Conjoined busts right / NE TOTVS ABSVMATVR. Zeus thunders against Phaeton who falls from his chariot. Eimer 312a; MI-662-25. An exceptional example of the type. $4,950.


Appealing “Hookneck” 8 Reales

1058260: Mexico. 1823-Mo JM AR 8 Reales. PCGS AU55. Mexico City. REPUBLICA MEXICANA. Full breast profile eagle, snake in beak / Radiant cap. KM A376.2; E-179; Dunigan-Mo-01. Hook-neck, Flat top “3” variety. Superb strike for this popular issue, attractive light toning. $4,500.


Gorinchem Imitation Noble

1058386: Netherlands. Gorinchem. Imitating Edward IV of England. 1583-91 (ND) AV Imitation Rose Noble. NGC MS64. 7.59gm. King standing on ship, holding sword and shield / Crown, rose-atop radiant sun over floriated cross, crowns and leopards in angles, trefoils spandrels. SCBC-1952; Fr.-80a; Delmonte 825. $8,500.


Gem Utrecht Ducaton or Rider

1058479: Netherlands. Utrecht. 1785 AR Ducaton, 60 Stuiver – Silver Rider. PCGS MS65. Edge: Cabled. MO : NO : ARG : CON FOE : BELG : PRO : TRAI ·. Armored knight on horse above crowned shield / CONCORDIA RES PARVÆ CRESCUNT·. Crowned arms of Utrecht with supporters, date below. KM 92.1; Dav.-1832; Delm.-1031. Superb and exceptional.$11,500.


Thailand 1894 2-1/2 Baht

1058411: Thailand. Rama V. (King, 1868-1910). -1894 AV Pot Dueng, 2-1/2 Baht. NGC MS64+. 1.86gm. A crown flanked by two umbrellas / Elephant within chakra. Y 13.5; Friedberg 26d. $8,750.

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The 2020 Pittsburgh World’s Fair of Money- Table #TBD

August 4-8, 2019

American Numismatic Association (ANA)

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Updates to the online inventory are issued monthly.

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