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Atlas Numismatics Updates Its Fixed Price Offers in June

Atlas Numismatics has updated their website with 187 new coins, medals, and tokens at fixed prices. Selections include the following items:

No. 1064493.

Napoleon I Essai in Gold

No. 1064493: France. Napoleon I. (First Empire, 1804-1814). AN XI (1803) AV Medallic Essai 5 Francs. PCGS SP62+. By Tiolier. Paris. BONAPARTE PREMIER CONSUL. Bust right / LE I CONSUL VISITE L’HÔTEL DES MONNAIES LE 21 VENTOSE AN XI. Inscription. Mazard 629 (R5); Gadoury 578a; VG-1204. Commemorates Napoleon’s visit to the Paris mint on the 21st of Ventose, Year XI (March 12, 1803). Beautifully toned and highly attractive. PCGS does not designate French essai strikings as proofs, hence the specimen designation. – Ex. Hess-Divo Auction 293 (October 2002, Lot 177); Possibly Ex-Farouk Collection (Sotheby’s February 1954, Lot 504) although difficult to determine from photographic plates. Includes old auction ticket. Price: $185,000.

Prooflike Gem Pidcock’s Token

No. 1064542: Great Britain. Middlesex, Pidcock’s. 18th. Century (ND) CU Halfpenny Token. NGC MS65BN (Brown) PL (Prooflike). PIDCOCK’S EXHIBITION. Elephant / EXETER CHANGE STRAND LONDON. Two-headed cow. D&H 422. Fully prooflike reflective surfaces; very rare in this quality. Price: $675.

Gem 1871 50 Sen

No. 1063476: Japan. Mutsuhito. (Emperor Meiji, 1852-1912). 1871 (Meiji 4) AR 50 Sen. PCGS MS65. Dragon within beaded circle, legends separated by dots around border / Sunburst crest within beaded circle and wreath, chrysanthemum above. KM #Y-4; JNDA 01-13A. Three spines variety. Price: $695.

No. 1064522.

Exceptional 1712 Lima Cob 8 Escudos

No. 1064522: Peru. Philip V. 1712-L M AV 8 Escudos. NGC MS64. Lima. 26.97gm. ET YNDIARVM REX ANO. Pillars of Hercules with L – 8 – M / P. – V. – A • / 7 – 1- 2 in between / + PHILIPPVS V. : D . G • HISPANIA. Cross with two lions and two towers. KM 38.2; Fr.-7; Calico 23. Colonial Cob Coinage. Superb lustrous surfaces; very rare in this quality. Price: $36,500.

No. 1064516.

Basel “Glückhennentaler” in Gold

No. 1064516: Swiss Cantons. Basel. (17th Century) ND AV 12 Ducats or Medallic 12 Ducats “Glückhennentaler”. PCGS MS61. 43mm. 40.90gm. ALIT ET PRO/ TEGIT (She nourishes and shields). Mother hen with four chicks before cityscape; legend in exergue / Western view of Basel with city arms held by griffin supporters to either side below. Unlisted in Krause; Fr.-79 Variant; Unlisted in HMZ and Divo; cf. SM.-1169 (same dies, though struck in silver); Wunderly 2182 (same); Fatio Collection 1252. – The imagery depicted on this medallic “Glückhennentaler” struck from taler dies, depicts the relationship between city administrators and their citizens. The notion that the Grand Council saw to the protection of its “dear children,” with the Latin legend translating to “She nourishes and protects” evokes such an allegory. The earliest issues of this type were signed with the initials of Friedrich Fecher, while subsequent pieces in the series omitted the artist’s initials. This unsigned piece is thought possibly to be by Stefan Heinrich. Perhaps only the second known gold 12 ducat-weight “Glückhennentaler”; no example in this weight format was present in major Swiss collections such as Wilmersdörffer, Hauser-Späth, Hirzel, Wunderly, Bachofen, Iklé, Stroehlin, von Schluthess-Rechberg, the South Kensington Museum, Hess-Leu’s 1964 Auction 25 Schweizer Goldmünzen, and Bank Leu’s sale Schweizer Medallien aus Altem Privatbesitz of 1989. Another example of similar weight was sold in Leo Hamburger’s October 1931 sale of the Henry Fatio Collection (lot 1252, Auction Catalog 93). Ex. Leu Numismatik Auction 80 (May 2001, Lot 264). Price upon request.

No. 1064651.

Betts Medal featuring the Duke of Argyll and Sir Robert Walpole

No. 1064651: Great Britain. The Duke of Argyll and Sir Robert Walpole. 1741 Bronze Medal. NGC MS65. Edge: Plain. 37.5mm. Full figure of Duke standing; a crown rests on an column to right / … MAKE • ROOM • FOR • SIR: ROBERT// NO : EXCISE. Devil strides into the mouth of Hell, leading Walpole by a halter. MI-557-190; Betts 247; cf. Eimer 561. Very rare in this quality. Price: $2,950.


Updates to their online inventory are issued monthly.

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