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Atlas Numismatics Updated Their Website 

Atlas Numismatics has updated their website with 516 new coins, medals, and tokens at fixed prices. Selections include the following items:


Attractive Caria Tetradrachm

1057355: Greek. Caria. Satraps of Caria. Hidrieus. (King, 351-344 BC). Struck circa 351-344 BC. AR Tetradrachm. NGC Ch. AU✭ (Choice About Uncirculated ✭) Strike 5/5 Surface 5/5. 15.24gm. Laureate head of Apollo facing three-quarters, right / IΔPIEΩΣ. Zeus Labraundus standing, right, holding double axe and spear; in lower middle field, “E”. SNG von Aulock 8046; SNG Fitzwilliam 4746; Hurter, Pixodaros Hoard 46. Lovely cabinet patina; given the star designation by NGC for excpetional eye-appeal. Ex NFA X, 1981, 192; Christie’s London 12 June 1993, McLendon, 53 and Gemini V, 2009, 630 sales. $5,950.


Lovely Breslau 5 Ducats

1056714: Austria. Ferdinand II. (Emperor, 1592-1618-1637). 1627 HR AV 5 Ducat. PCGS AU55. Breslau mint. 35mm. 17.33gm. FERD · II · D : G · ROIM – S · AV · G · H · BO · REX · D · S *. Laureate bust with ruffled collar facing right in inner circle; truncation reaches the rim / ARCHIDVX · AVS · DVX · BVR · MAR · MO · CO · T · 1627. Crowned imperial eagle in inner circle, composite arms of Hungary and Bohemia with Austria at center; tail feathers divides initials H – R. KM 658; Fr.-153; Herinek 98. Sharply struck and attractive, very rare. $58,500.


Gem Proof Two Stivers

1057362: Ceylon. George III. (King, 1760-1820). 1815 CU 2 Stivers. PCGS PR65BN (Brown). GEORGIUS III D: G: BRITAINNIARUM REX. Without rose below bust; signed T.W / CEYLON/ 2 STIVERS// (date). Elephant left, date below. KM 82.1. Milled Coinage. Attractively toned, very rare in this quality. $3,950.


El Salvador Copper Pattern Peso

1056957: El Salvador. 1894 CU Pattern Peso. PCGS SP63BN (Brown). CRISTOBAL COLON • UN PESO/ AMERICA CENTRAL •. Bust, left / REPUBLICA DEL SALVADOR/ 900 – C.A.M. – 1894. Arms within wreath. KM Pn46. Patterns. KM#115.1; Prev. KM#Pn13. $3,450.


Hanoi Exposition Gold Medal

1056933: French Indo-China. 1887 AV Medal. PCGS SP63. By E.-A. Oudiné. 41.16mm. 56.65gm. REPUBLIQUE (star) FRANCAISE (flower). Head left, signed below truncation / PROTECTORATE DE L’ANNAM ET DU TONKIN *. Inscription within wreath, HANOI/ EXHIBITION/ DE 1887. For the first Hanoi Exposition (Exposition de Hanoi), a world’s fair held between March-April, 1887. Very rare, more so in this quality.

PCGS insert notes “France” as country. $9,850.


Superbly Toned Treaty of Passarowitz Medal

1056890: Great Britain. George I. (King, 1714-1727). 1718 AR Medal. PCGS SP64. By Croker. GEORGIVS · D : G : MAG : BR : FR : ET · HIB : REX · F : D :. Laureate, draped, and armored bust right. Eimer-479. Treaty of Passarowitz. Superbly toned, very rare in this quality. $3,950.


Rare Half-Guinea Token

1056477: Great Britain. Yorkshire, Sheffield. 1812 AV Younge, Wilson & Younge, Half-guinea token. PCGS PR62 Cameo. Edge: Engrailed. YOUNGE • WILSONS • & YOUNGE/ • SHEFFIELD •. Phoenix rising from the flames; toothed border / YORKSHIRE TOKEN/ 1812// STANDARD GOLD// (10s.6d. Legend in two circles around value; toothed border. Davis 37; Dalton 84. Superb mirrored surfaces, extremely rare in this quality. $16,500.


Beautiful Pattern Florin of Victoria

1057146: Great Britain. Victoria. (Queen, 1837-1901). 1848 AR Pattern Florin, Two Shillings. PCGS PR64+ Cameo. By William Wyon. 27mm. 11.23gm. VICTORIA REGINA. Laureate, young head, left; W.W. on truncation / 100 MILLES// ONE/ DECADE// ONE TENTH OF A POUND. Inscription within wreath; legends around. ESC-2940 (Prev. ESC-908). Superbly toned and conservatively graded. $11,500.

Updates to their online inventory are issued monthly.

Current and Upcoming Events

Atlas will be attending the following numismatic convention this Fall.

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Baltimore Winter Expo

November 14-17, 2019

Hall A, B & C (Booth# 1244)

Baltimore Convention Center

One West Pratt Street

Baltimore, MD


The 65th Annual F.U.N. Convention

January 8-12, 2019 – Table #TBD

Orange County Convention Center


West Concourse, Hall WA-1

9800 International Drive

Orlando, Florida


The 48th New York International Numismatic Convention (NYINC)

January 16-19, 2019 – Table #800

Grand Hyatt Hotel

109 East 42nd Street, New York, NY

Located between Park and Lexington Avenues.


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