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Atlas Numismatics Publishes their Newest Fixed-Price List

Atlas Numismatics has updated their website with 190 new coins, medals, and tokens at fixed prices. Selections include the following items:

No. 1062892.

1522 Salzburg Guldiner with Cabinet Patina

No. 1062892: Austrian States. Salzburg. Matthäus Lang von Wellenburg (1519-1540). AR Guldiner, MDXXII (1522). PCGS XF45. MATHEVS·CARD (coat-of-arms) AREPS·SALZB AC·EPS·GVRCEN (coat-of-arms). Bust left, wearing biretta and cowl; M·D·X·X·I·I·(date) across field / + MATHEVS·M·D·CARD·ARCHIEPS·SALZB·AP·LEGAT. Episcopal coat-of-arms surmounted by gallero and tassels. Dav.-8161; Zöttl 212. Sharply struck, attractive cabinet patina. Price: $8,950.

No. 1063004.

1934 Medallic 10 Ducats Issued on the Reopening of the Kremnica Mines

No. 1063004: Czechoslovakia. First Republic (1918-1939). AV Commemorative or Medallic 10 Dukaten, 1934-[K] [987]. NGC MS66. By Anton Hám. Kremnitz. Edge: Reeded. St. Catherine at center, kneeling to right; Kremnica shield of arms, left / Hexagon divided into three main panels depicting miners and mining scenes, a small central banner with a shining ingot hangs above the miner’s greeting, “ZDAR BOH!” (“May God give you success!”); signature and with hallmarks of Kremnitz and fineness within. Small shield of arms with rampant lion, left below; legends around. KM X M21. Issued by the Ministry of Works in commemoration of the reopening of the Kremnica Mines and in a tiny mintage of just 68 pieces struck in 0.987 fine gold. Superb prooflike gem. Price: $85,000.

1929 Essai 100 Francs

No. 1063033: France. Third Republic (1871-1940). AV Essai or Pattern 100 Francs, 1929-(A). NGC MS65. By Raymond Delamarre . Paris. Edge: Raised lettering, LIBERTE EGALITE FRATERNITE * *. Laureate head left, holding branch before face; date, ESSAI and signed in exergue / Laurel frames relief map of France and her rivers, CENT FRANCS below. Mazard 2535. From a reported mintage of 15 pieces. Price: $17,500.

No. 1063426.

Choice Elizabeth I Angel

No. 1063426: Great Britain. England. Elizabeth I ( 1558-1603). AV Angel, (1590-92)-(Hand). NGC MS63. Full length depiction of winged St. Michael facing right, slaying the dragon below. The Saint’s spear in right hand and halo encircled head divides the legend. / Large shield with coat of arms topped with cross dividing E and a (rose), within a ship sailing over waves. SCBC-2531; North 2005. Sixth issue. Full, frosty luster. rare in this quality. Price upon request.

No. 1062513.

1831 William IV Proof Set With Case

No. 1062513: Great Britain. William IV (1830-1837). AV 14 Piece Proof Set (Two Sovereign through Maundy Penny), 1831. NGC PR65-PR62UCAM (Ultra Cameo). GULIELMUS IIII D:G: BRITANNIAR: REX F:D:. Head right / Arms within crowned mantle. KM PS4; SCBC-PS2. Includes original case. Price: $125,000.

Sierra Leone Dollar in Bronzed Copper

No. 1063078: Sierra Leone. Bronzed AE Dollar, 1791, Soho mint (Birmingham). PCGS PR65. SIERRA LEONE COMPANY. Lion, Africa below / Clasped hands flanked by value, date below, written value as legend. KM 6a; Vice FT.2B. Price: $11,500.

Attractive 1833 Bust Half-Dollar

No. 1062681: United States of America. AR Half Dollar, 1833, US Mint, Philadelphia. PCGS MS64. Draped bust left, flanked by stars, date at angle below / UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. 50 C. below eagle. KM 37. Price: $2,950.

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