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Atlas Numismatics Publishes their Newest Fixed-Price List

Atlas Numismatics has updated their website with 271 new coins, medals, and tokens at fixed prices. Selections include the following items:


Specimen 1835 Speciedaler

1058456: Denmark. Frederik VI. 1835 IC//WS AR Speciedaler. PCGS SP64.Copenhagen. Head right / Crowned arms. KM 695.4; Dav.-73; Hede 26C. Deeply prooflike, very rare as a presentation or specimen striking. $6,750.


Universal Exposition Medal in Silver

1060074: France. Napoleon III. (Emperor, 1852-1870). 1855 AR Medal. PCGS SP63. By Albert Barre. Edge: Smooth with (hand pointing right) ARGENT. 60mm. 128.60gm. NAPOLEON III – EMPEREUR. Head, right; signed below truncation / • EXPOSITION • UNIVERSELLE • AGRICULTURE • PARIS 1855. Imperial coat-of-arms within wreath of olive and palm and surrounded by banner inscribed; around, national arms of participating foreign nations, each linked to the other and all to blank titulus in exergue. Divo 234; Collignon 1673. On the Exposition Universelle Agriculture, Paris 1855. $1,450.


Exceptional Augsburg Confirmation Medal

1032406: German States. Augsburg. ND (c.1850) AR Confirmation Medal. PCGS SP67. By Drentwett. 40mm. 22.66gm. GOTT IST ES, DER UNS GESALBT U. DAS PFAND DES GEISTES IN UNSERE HERZEN GEGEBEN HAT; 2.COR.1.22. Scene of a the Confirmation of a child / DURCH DIE AUFLEGUNG IHRER HÄNDE EMPFINGEN SIE DEN HEILIGEN GEIST. Dove and rays within eight-pointed star. Superbly toned. Includes original case. $595.


Charles II Pattern Broad, Ex-Eliasberg

1059761: Great Britain. England. Charles II. (King, 1660-1685). 1662 AV Pattern Broad (20 Shillings). PCGS AU53. By T. Simon. Laureate and draped bust, right / Crowned square topped shield. KM Pn32; SCBC-3337A; North 2780; Unlisted in Friedberg.

Lustrous and sharply struck, conservatively graded. Ex Eliasberg Collection where graded NGC AU55 (American Numismatic Rarities, April, 2005, Lot 372); Ex- Belden Roach Collection (B. Max Mehl, February 1944, Lot 1348). $16,500.


Superb George I Two Guineas

1059769: Great Britain: George I. (King, 1714-1727). 1726 AV Two Guineas. NGC MS63. GEORGIUS · D · G · M · BR · FR · ET · HIB · REX · F · D ·. Laureate head right / BRVN – ET · L · DVX – S · R · I · A · TH – ET · EL ·. Crowned shields in cruciform, sceptres at angles. KM 554; SCBC-3627. Superb prooflike original surfaces. Price upon request.


Exceedingly Rare Mule or Pattern Half-Sovereign

1059809: Great Britain. George IV. (King, 1820-1830). 1829/1823 AV Pattern or Mule Half-Sovereign. PCGS PR64 Cameo. 3.99gm. GEORGIUS IV DEI GRATIA * (date) *. Bare head, left; date below truncation 1829 / ANNO – 1823. Crowned shield of arms; thistle, Tudor rose and shamrock below. WR-253 (R7, 2 known). Obverse die from the 1829 sixpence. An incredible rarity, described as follows in the Terner catalogue: “A most unusual coin, and of special allure because no regular-dies 1829 half sovereign was ever struck! A great rarity, R7: only 2 known, the other impounded in the Royal Mint Collection! A choice coin with most pleasing surfaces and unblemished color.” Ex Terner Collection (Ira & Larry Goldberg, May 2003, Lot 286). Price upon request.


Lovely 1839 Proof Sovereign

1059818: Great Britain. Victoria. (Queen, 1837-1901). 1839 AV Sovereign. PCGS PR64DCAM (Deep Cameo). Edge: Plain. VICTORIA DEI GRATIA. Head left / BRITANNIARUM REGINA FID: DEF:. Without die number. KM 736.1; SCBC-3852; WR-302. Struck in medal alignment. $29,500.


Japanese Oban with Original Calligraphic Ink

1058267: Japan. Man’en. (1860-1862). AV 10 Ryo Oban. PCGS MS61. Edo (Tokyo). 80mm x 134mm. 112.86gm. Crenulations with vertical calligraphic inscription in ink; four circular flower-stamps (or hanaoshi) composed of 5-3 pattern paulownia seals (丸に五三桐 or Maru ni go-san kiri) / Three stamps running down the middle with three smaller stamps to the lower left, (吉) (き) (宇). C 24a.2; JNDA 09-11; Fr.-7; Munro pl. 13/4. Hammered Coinage. Machine-made horizontal crenulations. Manen era. Nearly complete original calligraphic ink remaining. Includes JNDA Certifiction (No.57454). $35,500.


Updates to the Atlas Numismatics online inventory are issued monthly. All issues from the fixed price list can be found here.

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