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Atlas Numismatics Publish their Newest Fixed-Price List

Atlas Numismatics has updated their website with 274 new coins, medals, and tokens at fixed prices. Selections include the following items:


Appealing Cassius Denarius

1059603: Roman Republican. C. Cassius Longinus. Struck circa 42 BC. AR Denarius. NGC Ch. XF✭ (Choice Extremely Fine ✭) Strike 5/5 Surface 5/5. Smyrne. 3.84gm. C • CASSI • IMP – LEIBERTAS. Diadem head of Libertas, right; wearing earring and pearl necklace / LENTVLVS/ SPINT. Capis and Lituus; legend below. Crawford 500/3, Syd.-1307. Lovely cabinet patina; given the star designation for exceptional eye appeal. $2,950.


Liberté Françoise Medal

1059196: France. National Convention. (1792-1795). 1792 Bell Metal Medal. PCGS MS63. By André Galle. Lyon. 39mm. 39.49gm. LIBERTE FRANçOISE. Head of Liberty left with pike over far shoulder upon which rests a Phrygian cap / A LA/ CONVENTION/ NATIONALE/ PAR LES/ ARTISTES REUNIS/ DE LYON/ – PUR METAL DU CLOCHE/ FRAPPE EN/ MDCCXCII. Ten line inscription within oak wreath. Mazzard 318a; VG-338; Hennin 387. Inspired by the “Libertas Americana” Medal. This medal is Galle’s first recorded piece. $3,950


Golden Wedding Anniversary Medal of Wilhelm I and Augusta

1058094: German States. Prussia. Wilhelm I. (Kaiser, 1861-1888). 1879 AR Medal. PCGS SP66. By W. Kullrich and E. Weigand from the G. Loos workshop. Edge: Plain. 60.88mm. 89.85gm. The Emperor and Empress enthroned and seated facing left; before them stands a genius with a torch in his right hand, his left hand holding two wreaths over the heads of the royal couple / Inscription on three-lines within wreath; the Emperor’s crown above and crowned shields of Prussia and Saxony below. A ribbon dated July 11 1829 to either side of the shields. Marienburg-6146; Sommer K-86 and W-33. Struck to commemorate the Golden (50th) Wedding Anniversary of Wilhelm I and Augusta on July 11th, 1879. Virtually flawless gem, extremely rare in this quality. $3,350.


Cromwell Pattern Broad

1059760: Great Britain. England. Commonwealth. 1656 AV Pattern Broad (20 Shillings). PCGS PR62+ Cameo. Dies by Simon. Blondeau’s mint, Drury House, London. OLIVAR · D · G · R · P · ANG · SCO · HIB · &c PRO ·. Bust of Oliver Cromwell, left / PAX · QVÆRITVR · BELLO ·. Coat of arms below date. KM Pn25; SCBC-3225; Friedberg 273; North 2744; Schneider 367; W&R 39. Superb strike, deeply mirrored fields. $82,500.


1820 Pattern Half-Sovereign

1059792: Great Britain. George III. (King, 1760-1820). 1820 AV Pattern Half-Sovereign. PCGS PR64 Cameo. By Thomas Wyon and Pistrucci. Edge: Plain. 3.80gm. GEOR: III D: G: – BRITT: REX F: D:. Laureate head, right; date below / BRITANNIARUM REX FID: DEF:. Rose, thistle and shamrock on a single stem, crown above. W&R-206 (R5, 6-10 examples known); DM-138 (This coin).

A superb and artistic design. Lovely surfaces with deep mirrors. Described in Terner as follows: “Exceptionally well preserved. Superb Choice Proof with a moderate cameo. Classic orange-peel surfaces. A great pattern!” Ex Terner Collection (Ira & Larry Goldberg Coins & Collectibles Auction 20, 26 May 2003, Lot number 257) Ex Douglas-Morris and Pellegrino Collections. $39,500.

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