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Atlas Numismatics Fixed-Price List December 2020

Atlas Numismatics has updated their website with 420 new coins, medals, and tokens at fixed prices. Selections include the following items:

No. 1062560.

Attractive Claudius Aureus

No. 1062560: Roman Imperial. Claudius. Aureus, 41-54, Rome mint. NGC AU (About Uncirculated) Strike 5/5 Surface 4/5. TI · CLAVD · CAESAR· AVG · P · M · TR · P · IIII. Head of Claudius, laureate, right / PACI AVGVSTAE. Winged Pax-Nemesis right, holding winged caduceus pointing down at snake, and holding out fold of drapery below chin.

RIC 27; Coh. 55; BMC 26. Lightly toned and attractive, rare in this quality.

Ex-Schulman Vault Collection (Netherlands), “An incredible selection of ancient coins carefully curated in the early 50’s until the late 80’s by a well-known client of Jacques Schulman.” Price: $29,500.

No. 1063007.

Exceptional 1916 15 Rupien

No. 1063007: German East Africa. Wihelm II. 15 Rupien, 1916-T, Tabora. NGC MS64.

Crowned imperial eagle above denomination, right arabesque ends below first “A” of “OSTAFRIKA” / Elephant roaring right above date. KM 16.2; Friedberg 1; Jaeger 782a.

Tabora Emergency Issue. Superb frosty luster, rare in this quality. Price: $13,950.

No. 1062471.

Gem Mint State George I Two Guineas

No. 1062471: Great Britain. George I. Two Guineas, 1726. NGC MS65. GEORGIUS · D · G · M · BR · FR · ET · HIB · REX · F · D ·. Laureate head right / BRVN – ET · L · DVX – S · R · I · A · TH – ET · EL ·. Crowned shields in cruciform, sceptres at angles. KM 554; SCBC-3627; MCE 244; Schneider II 543. Superb lustrous gem, extremely rare as such. The sole finest known example at both services as of December, 2020.

Ex-D’Amelia Collection (“Highly important collection”), Spink 91 (London), May 1st, 1992, lot 76 – “brilliant, practically mint state and rare thus”. Ex-Whetmore, Glendining (London), 24 March 1943, lot 8 – “brilliant and rare”. Price: $115,000.

No. 1062945.

“John Law” French Colonies 20 Sols

No. 1062945: French Colonies: Louis XV. 20 Sols, 1/6 ECU, 1720-A, Paris mint. NGC MS61. LUD · XV · D · G · FR · ET · NAV · REX ·. Young bust right; (dog) below bust /

SIT NOMEN DOMINI BENEDICTUM. Crowned double L monogram. KM 453; Jones 1593.

Ex John Law collection (Lot 19 – The Fifteenth Annual C-4 Convention Sale, Nov. 21st, 2009, $3250 hammer). Includes original collector’s ticket.

This piece was used extensively in Louisiana and Canada. John Law had purchased the right to produce coins for his Compagnie des Indes (also known as the Mississippi Company) from the French government. He also produced paper money and bonds in ever-increasing numbers in the 1720-1 period. Wild inflation came about, and a financial collapse was the result, known today as the Mississippi Bubble. Price: $2,450.

No. 1062897.

1820 Pattern Two Pounds

No. 1062897: Great Britain. George III. Pattern Two Pounds, 1820. NGC PR61UCAM (Ultra Cameo). Edge: Raised lettering, DECUS ET TUTAMEN ANNO REGNI LX. GEORGIUS III D: G: BRITANNIARUM REX F: D:. Small laureate head, right; date below / St. George slaying the dragon; signed B.P. in exergue, right. SCBC-3784; W&R 179 (R3).

Struck “en medaille” and from a reported mintage of just 60 pieces struck. Attractively toned and superior eye-appeal for the grade assigned. Minor hairlines account for the grade; in our opinion this piece is conservatively graded. Price: $89,500.

Current and Upcoming Events

Atlas will be attending the following numismatic convention:

Whitman Winter Expo

Organizers plan to reconvene in March 2021 in Baltimore.

The 66th Annual Florida United Numismatists convention (FUN 66)

Organizers have had to cancel the January event. They plan to reconvene in July 2021.

The 49th New York International Numismatic Convention (NYINC)

Organizers have had to cancel the January event. They plan to reconvene in January 2022.


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