An oval and dome shaped coin for the 2015 Rugby World Cup

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July 2, 2015 – On 29th of June Monnaie de Paris will issue collector coins on the 2015 Rugby World Cup which will take place in England from 18th September to 31st October.

History of the game
Rugby is said to be born in England in 1823 in a town called Rugby (between Oxford and Cambridge). A student from the town’s college, Webb Ellis, would have created what would be a worldwide played game. The legend says that he took the ball with his hands, which was totally against the rules, during a folk football game.

Different kinds of Rugby exist: the rugby union with XV players, the rugby league with XIII players and the Seven. With more than 3,5 millions licensed players, rugby union is in the top 10 of the most played sports in the world.
The international organisation managing rugby union and Sevens is the World Rugby (formerly called International Rugby Board). Founded in 1886, its main missions are the definition of the rules (often revised for the players security), the organisation of international competitions and the development and promotion of rugby around the World.

Webb Ellis Cup
In tribute to its founder, the trophy is named after his name, William Webb Ellis Trophy. This trophy is never definitively acquired; the wining team keeps it until the next champion receives it.

Created in 1987
Organised every four years since 1987, this international rugby union competition takes place in two phases: a qualifying round and a final tournament.

All editions took place in nations where rugby union is a popular and largely played sport. The hosting country choice is made at least four years in advance. This year England is welcoming the competition.
During the first edition in 1987, 16 teams took part in the competition. The number of participants rose to 24 in 2007.
Until now, New-Zealand (2 titles), Australia (2 titles), South-Africa (2 titles) and England (1 title) are the four nations who won the competition.

2015 Edition
The 2015 Rugby World Cup, 8th edition of the competition, will take place in England from 18th September to 31st October. Some games will be played in Wales. It is the second time England hosts this competition.

The Coins
The Monnaie de Paris will issue coins as official products developed under authorized license from the IRB (International Rugby Board).

France / 2015 / 50 euro / Au 920 / 8.45 g / 22 mm / Mintage: 1,000.

On the obverse, a scrum is played. The scrum-half of the left-hand side team introduces the ball beside the referee. The background evokes the many lines to be found on a rugby field. The official Rugby World Cup logo is inserted just below the scrum. This coin is oval and dome shaped.

France / 2015 / 10 euro / Ag 900 / 22.2 g / 24 x 38 mm / Mintage: 5,000.

On the reverse, inscribed in an oval shape, a player is off-loading a pass while being tackled by an opponent player surmounted by the trophy, official symbol of the Rugby World Cup. In the background, the field the posts as well as an illustration of the stadium are represented. The face value is inscribed on the top of the coin using a rugby ball as a 0. The RF mention is inserted on the low right hand side of the coin.

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