An Ounce of Luck

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December 23, 2010 – Coin Invest Trust presents a very special coin for everybody who wants to wish enduring luck to his beloved ones at the beginning of 2011. The new coin contains a real four-leaf clover.

Palau – 2011 – 5 Dollar – 1 Once 925 Ar – Proof – Diameter 38,61 mm – Mintage: 2011 Stück.

According to prevalent faith the four-leaf clover banishes evil, protects one from misfortune and brings good luck while gambling. A four leaf clover in a schoolbook should also help one reach higher grades and one under a pillow brings sweet dreams. And if it does not work no harm is done! The least when it is inlaid in a classic silver coin with permanent value.

The Clover belongs to the plant family called Legumes (Fabaceae). It’s botanical generic name Trifolium is derived from the three leaves, which a clover normally has. As a freak of nature the number of its leaves can vary in rare cases. Clovers with one, six and even seven leaves have already been found. The most well known’s definitely the four leaf clover.

Already during the time of the Celts this clover was considered as a protection symbol. It is known as the four cardinal points and the four elements, water, fire, air and earth. In Christianity it symbolizes the cross. The rare appearance and the difficulty in finding the four leaf clover make this plant a lucky symbol in many civilisations to this date.