Amera provides coin producing industry with Coin Glossary

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February 12, 2013 – Did you ever ask yourself how to say ductility in Spanish? Or how they call a decoiler in Russia? Operating in the international coin market, you easily reach the limits of your language skills. You will paraphrase or use a similar word, but suddenly you will notice that the discussion is shifting away because your negotiating partner has a different idea of what the term you used means.
The team of Amera International has faced this problem many times due to their clients and branches located in Germany, Slovakia, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Costa Rica and Chile. Therefore the idea was born to create a glossary in cooperation with experts from various nations and different fields of coin production, a glossary that lists all relevant terms of the world of minting in different languages. Now Amera has made that glossary available to all members of the coin producing industry by putting it online in order to enhance communication in the coin market.

At terms to be used in the coin world day-to-day communication are listed in alphabetical order. The choice has been motivated primarily according to practical reasons. The definitions were written by experts from mints, ministries, central banks and the industry.
The glossary contains approximately 100 terms which are available with their definition in five languages – English, German, French, Spanish and Russian. But this is only the beginning. This first edition of the Coin Glossary is considered ‘work in progress’ and addresses to all those involved in the coin industry. However, the editors are looking for experts who would like to contribute with important terms that might still be missing. Amera sees itself as initiator and facilitator of this project which is intended, though, to go far beyond the single company.

If you think that a term is missing to the glossary or if you want to contribute with a definition, please contact the editors via e-mail.