Almanac of United States Coins

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February 14, 2013 – Whitman Publishing has released the first edition of a new book, the Almanac of United States Coins. The 192-page softcover can be purchased from bookstores and hobby retailers nationwide, and online.

Dennis Tucker, Almanac of United States Coins, Whitman Publishing, Atlanta (GE) 2013. 192 pages, softcover, full color. ISBN: 079483925-8. $9.95.

The full-color Almanac is designed as an illustrated catalog of useful and entertaining information for newcomers to the hobby as well as longtime coin collectors. It includes detailed photographs for identifying coins by type, grading instructions with enlarged step-by-step photographs, retail price charts telling how much common dates are worth, insight on rarer and more valuable dates, and images of collectible die varieties that can be found in pocket change.

“The Almanac of United States Coins features amusing stories, colorful essays, and astounding facts and figures about all manner of rare and historical coins of the U.S.A.,” said Whitman publisher Dennis Tucker. “One of our goals is to entertain and educate active collectors. But we also want to energize casual hobbyists and encourage them with new ways to explore and collect U.S. coins. A third goal is to broaden the audience for the hobby. The Almanac will be available from mass-market retailers nationwide, beyond the normal venues of coin shows and hobby shops. It’s perfect for anyone who is just discovering coins and wants to learn more.”

Essays describe the history of coinage in America going back to colonial days; aspects of today’s rare-coin market; the importance and techniques of grading; Proof coins; third-party grading and authentication; collecting colonial and early American coins; every type of federal coinage from half cents to double eagles; commemorative coins; Proof and Mint sets; silver, gold, and platinum bullion coins; tokens and medals; coins struck by the U.S. for the Philippines; misstrikes and mint errors; treasures, coin hoards, and shipwrecks; and more.

“The Almanac of United States Coins is a fun, fascinating look at the coins that have fueled American business for more than 350 years,” says Whitman Publishing numismatic director Q. David Bowers. “They’re all here: copper, silver, gold, and more; million-dollar rarities and everyday pocket change; Buffalo nickels, silver dollars, Civil War tokens, old-time ‘pennies’ and the latest Presidential dollars. What are these interesting pieces of American culture? How much are they worth? You’ll find out inside the Almanac of United States Coins.”

For more information on this book visit the website of Whitman Publisher.