Agora Numismatiek

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Agora Numismatiek’s Summer Price List 2020

Agora Numismatiek published the Summer fixed-price list. The list contains 20 high grade, rare and historically interesting ancient Greek and Roman coins. Amongst others, there is a nice run of Roman provincial coins an Antimachos I tetradrachm with a Leu provenance from 1997 and some good quality and affordable denarii.

Here are some highlights:

1224: Kingdom of Bithynia, Prusias I. Circa 228-180 BC. AR tetradrachm, 17 gr., 33.3 mm. Obv: diademed, bearded head of Prusias I to the right. Rev: ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΠΡΟΥΣΙΟΥ; Zeus Stephanophoros standing to the left, holding wreath and lotus-tipped sceptre; to inner left: thunderbolt above MH- (ligate) and ANΣ-monogram. Ref: Jameson 1387 var.; BMC Pontus p. 209, 1-2; SNG Copenhagen 623. Rare. Good Very Fine. € 1,750.

1223: Kingdom of Baktria, Antimachos I “Theos”. Pushkalavati, circa 180-170 BC. AR tetradrachm, 16.91 gr., 32.2 mm. Obv: diademed and draped bust of Antimachos I wearing kausia to the right. Rev: BAΣIΛEΩΣ ANTIMAXOY; Poseidon, laureate, standing facing, holding trident and filleted palm-branch; at feet to the right: monogram. Ref: Bopearachchi series 1,1-2; Mitchener 124f; SNG ANS 274-5. Ex Leu 71 (1997), lot 241. Nearly extremely fine. € 2,500.

1236: Lesbos, Mytilene. Circa 377-326 BC. EL hekte, 2.54 gr., 12 mm. Obv: halflength bust of Maenad, hair in sphendone, to the right. Rev: race torch in linear square within shallow incuse square. Ref: Bodenstedt 92; HGC 6, 1018. Rare. Nearly extremely fine. € 1,150.

1230: Lydia, Hierokaisareia. Pseudo-autonomous, 1st century AD. Æs, 6.85 gr., 19.5 mm. Obv: draped bust of Artemis Persica to the right, quiver over left shoulder; below: ΠEPC[IKH]. Rev: protome of kneeling stag to the right; behind: IEP-monogram. Ref: SNG Cop. 170f; SNG München 131; SNG von Aulock 2951. Ex Giessener Münzhandlung 216 (München 2013), lot 2579. Very rare. Nearly extremely fine. € 250.

1240: Trajan. Egypt, Alexandria, circa 113-114 AD. Æ dichalkon, 1.92 gr., 15.5 mm. Obv: laureate head of Trajan to the right. Rev. headdress of Isis; in fields: LI Z (date = year 17). Ref: Dattari -; RPC 4819. Rare. Very fine. € 100.

1255: Trajan. Rome, circa 106-107 AD. AR denarius, 3.30 gr., 19 mm. Obv: IMP TRAIANO AVG GER DAC P M TR P COS V P P; laureate head of Trajan to the right, aegis on left shoulder. Rev: S P Q R OPTIMO PRINCIPI; Felicitas standing facing, holding caduceus in right hand and cornucopia in left; at feet left: garlanded altar. Ref: RIC 174. Nice old cabinet tone, some lustre. Nearly extremely fine. € 220.

1258: Geta as Caesar. Rome, circa 200-202 AD. AR denarius, 3.37 gr., 18 mm. Obv: P SEPT GETA CAES PONT; bare-headed and draped bust of Geta to the right. Rev: NOBILITAS; Nobilitas standing facing, holding sceptre and palladium. Ref: RIC 13a. Nice old cabinet tone. Nearly extremely fine. € 125.

1259: Severus Alexander. Rome, circa 232 AD. AR denarius, 3.28 gr., 20 mm. Obv: IMP ALEXANDER PIUS AUG; laureate, draped and cuirassed bust of Severus Alexander to the right. Rev: MARS ULTOR; Mars advancing to the right in military attire, holding spear and shield. Ref: RIC 246. Old cabinet tone. Extremely fine. € 150.


The complete list is available on the Agora website.