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Agora Numismatiek’s Fixed Pricelist XXII

The Agora Numismatiek Spring Pricelist XXII comprises 33 coins with a relatively large portion of Greek coins. Amongst them a Tarentum didrachm from the Vlasto collection, with a beautiful old collection patina. A tetradrachm of Athens with a stunning patina which makes one forget all the thousands of Athenian tetradrachms one has seen over the last years. And a good run of Seleukid tetradrachms with extremely rare pieces of Demetrius II and the child Antiochos, youngest son of Seleukos VI. In the Roman part, an extremely rare dupondius of Titus takes pride of place. A Consecratio denarius for Marciana and an Aes Grave with the Dioskouri also deserve attention. Here are some highlights:

Greek Coins

SKU: 1568.

Kingdom of Thrace, Lysimachos. Pella, circa 286-282 BC. AU stater, 8.53 gr., 18 mm. Obv: diademed head of the deified Alexander, with horns of Ammon, to the right. Rev: BAΣIΛEΩΣ ΛYΣIMAXOY; Athena Nikephoros seated to the left, left arm resting on shield, transverse spear in background; monogram to inner left, C-like symbol on throne, in exergue: K. Ref: Thompson 241; Müller –; SNG Lockett 1247 var. (letter on throne); Jameson 2464 var. (same); Naville IV, lot 521 (same dies). Light marks. Near extremely fine. Price: 12,500 EUR.

SKU: 1558-1.

Islands off Attica, Aegina. Circa 550-530/25 BC. AR stater, 11.92 gr., 20 mm. Obv: sea turtle, head in profile, with thin collar and row of dots down its back. Rev: deep incuse square with proto-“Union Jack” pattern. Ref: Holloway, Archaic, Group A; Meadows, Aegina, Group Ia; Milbank Period I, pl. I, 2. High relief turtle. Good very fine. Price: 2,200 EUR.

SKU: 1541.

Paphlagonia, Sinope. Circa 490-425 BC. AR drachm, 6.06 gr., 11 mm. Obv: head of sea-eagle to the left; below: talon above dolphin to the left (off flan). Rev: quadripartite incuse square with two opposing quarters filled, the others with pellet. All stippled. Ref: BM Black Sea 1363; Stancomb 750; Copenhagen 272. Ex Hirsch Nachf. auction 179 (München 1993), Lot 341; ex MDC auction 8, (Monaco, 2021), lot 5. From the Walter Weise collection. Good very fine. Price: 925 EUR.

SKU: 1543.

Seleukid Kingdom, Demetrios II. First reign, Uncertain mint in eastern Cilicia, 143-142 BC (dated SE 170). AR tetradrachm, 16.73 gr., 30 mm. Obv: diademed head of Demetrios II to the right. Rev: BAΣIΛEΩΣ ΔHMHTPIOY ΘEOY ΦIΛAΔEΛΦOY NIKATOPOΣ; Apollo Delphios, nude, seated to the left on omphalos, testing arrow in his right hand, left hand on bow set on ground to the right;[monogram below legend on each side; in exergue: OP (date)]. Ref: SC 1899.1; CSE II 502 (same dies); SNG Spaer –; HGC 9, 957b; DCA 150. Old cabinet tone. Obverse slightly double struck. Very rare. Nearly extremely fine. Price: 3,000 EUR.

Roman Coins

SKU: 1559.

Titus, as Caesar. Rome, 1 July 72 AD – 30 June 73 AD. Æ dupondius, 12.59 gr., 27.45 mm. Obv: T CAESAR VESPASIAN IMP IIII PON TR POT III COS II; radiate head of Titus to the right. Rev: FELICITAS PUBLICA; Felicitas standing to the left, holding caduceus and cornucopiae; across fields: S C. Ref: RIC 504, citing two known specimens (in Paris and Vienna); BMC -; C. -. A very expressive head of Titus. Very rare. Nearly extremely fine. Price: 2,000 EUR.

SKU: 1573.

Diva Marciana (died 112/4 AD). Rome, September 112-117 AD. AR Denarius, 3.28 g, 18 mm. Obv: DIVA • AUGUSTA MARCIANA; draped bust of Marciana to the right, wearing stephane. Rev: CONSECRATIO •; carpentum drawn to the left by two mules, top ornamented with fleurettes, front with figures, side with figures and two wreaths. Ref: RIC (Trajan) 746; BMC 654; Woytek 7232/7231 (for obv./rev. dies). Toned. Rare. Nearly extremely fine. Price: 7,000 EUR.

SKU: 1467

Julia Paula. Antioch or Rome, circa 219-220 AD, AR denarius, 3.60 gr., 17 mm. Obv: IULIA PAULA AUG; draped bust of Julia Paula to the right. Rev: VENUS GENETRIX; Venus seated to the left, holding apple and sceptre. Ref: RIC (Elagabalus) 222. Lightly toned. Nearly extremely fine. Price: 225 EUR.

Byzantine Coins

SKU: 1554.

Byzantine Empire, Anastasius I. Constantinople, 492-507 AD. AU solidus, 4.49 gr., 20.5mm. Obv: D N ANASTASIUS P P AUG; helmeted and cuirassed bust of Anastasius I facing, holding spear over right shoulder, shield with horseman and fallen enemy-motif on left shoulder. Rev: VICTORIA AUCCC I; Victory standing to the left, holding long jeweled cross; in right field: ✱, in exergue: CONOB. Ref: DOC 3i; MIBE 4a; Sear 3. Lustrous. Extremely fine. Price: 1,350 EUR.

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