Agora Numismatiek

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Agora Numismatiek’s Fall Price List 2020

Agora Numismatiek published their Fall fixed-price list. The list includes 40 high grade, rare and historically interesting ancient Greek, and Roman coins. There is a lovely selection of coins from Italy and Sicily, for instance an extremely rare nomos from Kaulonia with an uncommon obverse, and a number of good quality roman imperial coins, e. g. a fine style Antoninus Pius sestertius with a provenance from 1969. Indeed there are many unpublished coins with good pedigrees in this list.

Here are some honourable highlights:

1217: Bruttium, Kaulonia. Circa 420-410 BC. AR nomos.

Obv: Apollo, nude, advancing to the right, holding laurel branch in upraised right hand and extending left, to the right: butting bull on altar.

Rev: [KAYΛΩNIATAΣ]; stag standing to the right; in upper left field: sprig of plane tree with three leaves and two fruits.

Ref: HN Italy 2058; Noe, Caulonia, 124. From a Swiss collection, acquired in the 1970’s.

Extremely rare. Insignificant banker’s mark on reverse. Very fine. € 1,500.

1250: Sicily, Segesta. Circa 412-400 BC. AR litra.

Obv: head of the nymph Segesta facing slightly to the left; laurel branches flanking.

Rev: EΓEΣTAION (partially retrograde); hound standing to the left; above: facing gorgoneion, to the left: conch shell (Nucella Lapillus?).

Ref: Hurter, Didrachmenprägung K29.f; HGC 2, 1174; SNG ANS 651 (same dies);

Rare, exceptional for issue. Extremely fine. € 2,800.

1262: Macedon, Mende. Circa 460-423 AR tetradrachm.

Obv: bearded Dionysos, wearing himation and holding kantharos, reclining to the left on the back of a donkey standing to the right, before: a crow standing on branches to the right.

Rev: ΜΕΝΔΑΙΟΝ around vine with five bunches of grapes in a linear square; all in a shallow incuse square.

Ref: Noe, Mende 56 (same dies); SNG ANS 335.

Old cabinet tone, high relief. Slight corrosion and granularity. Very rare. Nearly extremely fine. € 10,000.

1221: Q. Caecilius Metellus Pius Scipio. Mint travelling with Scipio 47-46 BC. AR denarius.

Obv: Q•METELL downwards to right, SCIPIO•IMP upwards to left; small head of Africa to the right, wearing elephant skin headdress; before: grain ear, below: plough.

Rev: LEG•F•C upwards to left, EPPIVS downwards to right; Hercules standing facing, right hand on hip, leaning on club draped with lion skin and set on rock.

Ref: Crawford 461/1; Sydenham 1051.

Extremely fine. € 1,000.

1264: Galba. Rome, circa July 68-January 69 AD. AR denarius.

Obv: IMP SER GALBA CΛESΛR ΛVG; laureate and draped bust of older Galba to the right.

Rev: DIVA AVGVSTA; Livia, draped, standing to the left, holding patera and long sceptre.

Ref: RIC 189; BMC 6-7.

Very fine. € 700.

1254: Hadrian. Egypt, Alexandria, 134-135 AD (year 19). Æ drachm.

Obv: laureate, draped and cuirassed bust of Hadrian to the right.

Rev: L ƐΝΝƐΑΚ·Δ; draped bust of Zeus Ammon crowned with sun disc to the right, set on a base with four dots.

Ref: Dattari-Savio 7819; RPC 5944. Ex UBS 78 (2008), lot 1639.

Good very fine. € 2,500.

1247: Antoninus Pius. Rome, 143-144 AD. Æ sestertius.

Obv: ANTONINVS AVG PIVS P P TR P COS III; laureate head of Antoninus Pius to the right.

Rev: ITALIA; Italia, towered and draped, seated to the left on globe, holding cornucopia and sceptre; in fields: SC.

Ref: RIC 746a; BMC 1641.

Well centered, struck on a broad flan. Extremely fine.

Ex Sabbioneda, Milan, 15 November 1969. € 6,000.

1265: Faustina minor. Rome, 161-164 AD. AR denarius.

Obv: FAVSTINA AVGVSTA; draped bust of Faustina Minor to the right.

Rev: FECVNDITAS; Fecunditas standing facing, holding sceptre and child.

Ref: RIC (Aurelius) 677; BMC (Aurelius) 92.

Good extremely fine. Good style portrait. € 325.


The complete list is available on the Agora website.