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June 3rd, 2010 – What is a coin’s value? And: in what auction did a similar coin appear recently? That is possibly the question most frequently asked by a coin collector. For ancient coins, at least, a free alternative to the market leader coinarchives has come into being. Three young experts on coins and computers, Simon Wieland, Lars Rutten and Markus Beyeler, have developed a new search engine entitled as yet looking into auction results from the past 10 years. Numerous coin dealers support that ambitious project – many of them on condition that the archive is free for the public –, for example the companies Baldwin, CNG, Hess-Divo, Künker, MMAG, NAC, Rauch, Tkalec and UBS.
Anyone who likes to stand by the idealism of the young coin freaks may feel free to donate some money, perhaps to thank for a successful research and the thus saved expenses.

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