A new Dictionary of Coins in Gaul

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August 4, 2011 – This dictionary offers a comprehensive typology of the coins that circulated in mediterranean Gaul, from the earliest coins minted in Marseille to Augustus’ accession to power, in 27 BC: Greek, Roman, Iberian, Punic and Celtic coins.

Michel Feugère, Michel Py (ed.), Dictionnaire des monnaies découvertes en Gaule méditerranéenne (530-27 av. notre ère). Éditions Monique Mergoil et Bibliothèque nationale de France 2011, 720 pages, photos and coloured maps, hardcover. ISBN 978-2-35518-014-9. Euro 70,00.

All the types occurring in southern Gaul, whether of regional origin or not, are here described, illustrated and dated according to a renewed classification. Based on an impressive inventory of c. 72.000 coins, this dictionary also provides an index of the coin discoveries known on all the archaeological sites, which were analyzed. It therefore offers the numismatist, as well as the archaeologist, a unique tool for the understanding of the monetary phenomenon during its first centuries of existence, as well as for the development of research in ancient numismatics.

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