A new collector coin for the Finnish “Sisu”

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March 5, 2015 – Mint of Finland has released the second official collector coin of 2015 on 28 February, the Day of Sisu. The coin was launched at the inauguration of the Year of Sisu 2015 in Helsinki. Organised by Filosofian Akatemia, the Year of Sisu 2015 brings together companies, organisations and individuals through events, challenges and projects.

“The idea of Finnish sisu as a motif for a collector coin arose during market research we carried out in 2014. Sisu has always taken the Finnish people forward in the face of adversity and put us on the world map. The Finnish sisu collector coin now struck conveys the story of the importance of sisu and also acts as a universal reminder of what can be achieved through perseverance. We’re delighted to be able to be part of the Year of Sisu with this collector coin,” says Mint of Finland Communications Director Henna Karjalainen.

According to Finnish sisu researcher Emilia Lahti, sisu begins where perseverance ends. “Sisu is more an individual decision to act than a personal quality,” Lahti explains. In her doctoral thesis currently under preparation, Lahti examines sisu as a universal capacity and dynamic mindset for action.

Finland / 2015 / 10 Euro / Ag500/1000 silver / 10g / 28.5mm / Design: Tapio Kettunen / Mintage: 25,000.

The Finnish sisu collector coin combines sensitivity and strength. The obverse of the coin features two delicately carved hearts joined together. The heart pushing through the tear on the reverse side of the coin and three-dimensionality are striking features. The collector coin was designed by artist Tapio Kettunen. Mint of Finland’s silver collector coins bear the Key Flag label attesting to their Finnish origin.

The silver coins will be struck in nominal values of EUR 10 and 20, and 100 of the ten-euro coins will be numbered. These numbered silver coins will be mixed in the total mintage of 25,000 coins at random. The collector coins will be minted of Ag500/1000 silver, with a diameter of 28.5 millimetres and weight of 10 grams.

The coins with a nominal value of EUR 20 will have maximum mintage of 5,000 coins, 50 of which will be numbered and sold separately in glass cases. These collector coins will be minted of Ag925/1000 silver, with a diameter of 38.6 millimetres and weight of 25.5 grams.

For more information about the new coin, please visit the website of the Mint of Finland.

More about the Finnish sisu researcher Emilia Lahti and about – of course – her interpretation of “sisu” you can learn on her website.

Tuomas Tepora is a researcher too. He writes about “sisu” in the History of Emotions Blog.