A Journey through the world of money

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April 3, 2014 – Since March 1, 2014, the MoneyMuseum has been providing a number of podcasts and other documents for those interested in the subject of money and all its different aspects on the popular platform “iTunes U”. The contents cover a broad range of topics, from numismatic journeys to a test which evaluates your own attitude towards coins and banknotes. Up-to-date information from the world of money is made available in an entertaining and enjoyable way. Heidi Lehner, manager of the Sunflower Foundation, which owns the MoneyMuseum, points out: “We believe it is important to question existing prejudices and think of possible alternatives in our iTunes contributions.”

A journey through the world of money
For all numismatic fans, the category “Exploring Money World” should be the most exciting one. This rubric presents a new coin, banknote or other numismatic object every other week. A 5-minute podcast provides information on the historical and cultural background and explains the object’s presentation and its meaning. This covers everything you could possibly think of: from the first coin in the history of money to dollar bills, from premonetary forms of money to bitcoins, from savings boxes to historical documents and artworks. And the stories from the past, of inflation and debt overload, of investors and yield, of those who would do anything for power, of helpless politicians in need, but also the stories of smart and prudent money management receive a new meaning viewed against our contemporary background.

iTunes U
In order to reach a broad audience, Dr Jürg Conzett, founder of the MoneyMuseum, decided to make the podcasts available on iTunes U for downloading free of charge. Since 2007, the platform is especially popular among high school and university students, who can use it to retrieve up-to-date, scientific information about almost any topic. By now, more than 300 million downloads are made available through the platform every year.
The MoneyMuseum is one of the round about 1,000 officially registered institutions trying to catch the learners’ attention. But Dr Jürg Conzett is confident that his service will succeed: “We are the first to directly address the subject of money, the history of money and the psychology of money on iTunes U. Anyone who is interested in past, present or future developments of money does not really have an alternative to our contents. Besides, almost all of our podcasts are available in German and English. That enables us to reach German speaking users of iTunes U, who have so far been somewhat neglected on the platform, as well as an international audience.”

For all those who do not (want to) have an iTunes account, the MoneyMuseum has agreed to cooperate with CoinsWeekly. The newsletter, which is published weekly and free of charge, now offers its readers the option to view all films made by the MoneyMuseum on its website. Simple and easy – all films available at one click.

Last but not least, some practical links
If you want to download the MoneyMuseum’s podcasts on iTunes U, you can download the necessary software/ apps via those links.
iTunes for Mac and computer
iTunes U app for iPhones
iTunes U app for iPads
TuneSpace for Android

And this is the new website MoneyMuseum@CoinsWeekly.

Alternatively, you can also access the contents using the menu. Choose Podcasts and you will see the category MoneyMuseum@CoinsWeekly.

If you want to visit the website of the Sunflower Foundation, owner of the MoneyMuseum, click here.