A Handbook on Electrum Coins

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October 27, 2011 – Joseph Linzalone, an American coin dealer, has published a book on the topic of his special interest: early electrum coins. Being a dealer he knows what collectors do really need: an elaborate catalog featuring the major types provided with excellent photos.

Joseph Linzalone, Electrum and the invention of coinage. Dennis McMillan Publications 2011. 246 p. with colour illustrations. ISBN 978-0-939767-62-5. Hardcover. 23.5×15.7 cm. $85.00.

Notwithstanding the many discussions about the origin of money, until now something very essential was missing: an overview of the material on which the whole discussion is based. Finally, Joseph Linzalone has closed this gap:

* 179 specimens of electrum coins with excellent color plates
* including specimens struck by Kroisos, and from Cyzicus, Phokaea, and Mytilene
* the most comprehensive compilation for collectors to identify electrum coins
* historical contextualization of the coins
* written by an expert on the topic

This book may be found at specialized bookstores or you can contact directly: Joe Linzalone, Wolfshead Gallery,  PO Box 506, Ridgewood NJ 07451, USA 201-727-1441 or via mail.