A Golden Egg

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February 19, 2015 – Eggs symbolise fertility and eternal life. As Fabergé eggs they became world famous. Coin Invest Trust’s Golden Egg No. 1 takes up this tradition.

Palau / 1 Dollar / Gold .9999 / 0,5 g / 9,7 × 13,92 mm / Prooflike / 5000 pieces.

You look at Palau’s new commemorative coin once. And then you look again: it seems round like an egg. Looking at the reverse, which features the coat of arms, produces an optical illusion and the impression that you are indeed holding a completely round coin.

Eggs are more than just the protective shell of unborn animals. For many centuries, mankind has been amazed by the miracle which brings forth life from an inanimate object. In many religions, the egg is an object of worship. According to Indian mythology, the whole universe was once created from an egg. In ancient Egypt, it was believed that the god of sun was born out of an egg. And for Christianity the Easter egg has always been a symbol of birth and rebirth, immortality and fertility.

This curved and egg-shaped coin combines the look of a three-dimensional egg with the form of a two-dimensional coin.

Apart from their shape, the delicate artworks that Carl Peter Fabergé designed for the Russian Tsars look nothing like Easter eggs. The newest creation from Coin Invest Trust takes up the design of the Fabergé tradition. The Liechtenstein think tank has now transformed the three-dimensional Fabergé egg into a coin. The result: a curved coin in the shape of an egg.

The coins are minted by B.H. Mayer’s Kunstprägeanstalt GmbH. Collectors can purchase the issue through specialty dealers.

Further information on the presented coins and more interesting coins and medals you can find on the website of Coin Invest Trust.

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