A CoinsWeekly Special Issue for the Sberatel in Prague

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Do you know how to say CoinsWeekly in Czech? Tyden Mincí – and that is the title of our latest print publication, which will be distributed free of charge to the visitors of the Sberatel in Prague. In fact, the current special issue of CoinsWeekly is published in the Czech language because we want to draw the attention of the active collectors in the Czech Republic to CoinsWeekly and to the advertisers represented in our publications.


CoinsWeekly Special Issue in the Czech language.

A new concept

We love to see our CoinsWeekly Special Issue in the Czech language. It is something special, but we want it to become normal: The publication is part of a new concept we developed in order to sustainably strengthen two important components of trade.

Coin fairs and print media are witnessing a sharp decline in customers. However, at CoinsWeekly we are convinced that both coin fairs and print media have an important function for the coin market. The coin fair is the marketplace where real people take real coins in their hands, have real talks and develop real trust. A printed publication is the place where essential information can be conveyed comprehensively, not in small appetisers like it is done on the internet, but with all the exciting details.

We want to transfer both to the future of numismatics, and therefore we developed a concept. In the future, we will collaborate with important coin fairs, which will receive greater international attention thanks to this cooperation – after all, CoinsWeekly is read in 187 countries! On our partner’s fairs, the CoinsWeekly Special Issues will be distributed in the respective national language.


CoinsWeekly on the Numismata Munich. Picture: KW.


Our partners

In 2019, the following coin fairs collaborated with us:

We are in contact with numerous additional coin fairs for the year 2020. A collaboration with the COINS in Moscow is planned and that means that in 2020 there will be a CoinsWeekly Special Issue in Russian.

Impressions of the Sberatel. © Sberatel.


Why are we working together with the Sberatel?

The collaboration with the Czech coin fair Sberatel is an important cornerstone of our business strategy. The collector’s market in Central and Eastern Europe becomes more and more important. The Sberatel calls itself the largest collector’s fair in this area. There are not only coins on offer but also minerals and fossils, stamps, investment products and much more. Each year the fair attracts a total of 12,000 visitors. Some of them are already interested in coins, the major part consists of potential new clients, whose interest in coins we will perhaps be able to arouse with our CoinsWeekly Special Issue!

Impressions of the Sberatel. © Sberatel.

The great potential of the Czech market

We see a great potential in the Czech market – and in other markets of Central and East Europe. The fact that the price of coins minted in the region of today’s Czech Republic increased significantly during the last two decades is a small indicator for us. The prices of these coins increased similarly to those of coins from today’s Poland and Transylvania.

Impressions of the Sberatel. © Sberatel.

The second reason might be even more important to me: Even 30 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, CoinsWeekly is rather focused on “the West” in terms of its readers and the news it publishes. We want to change that. We want to be a magazine that gives the same attention to all countries. Of course, there is still a long way to go, but at least we want to start this journey.


Thank you to all those that made this issue possible!

Without our loyal advertisers, the publication of this issue would have been impossible. Therefore, they get special attention in our CoinsWeekly Special Issues. We write a company profile for each advertiser, which is then translated into the respective national language and made available on the internet. This is also something completely new, and we are sure that it will provide all our advertisers with a high added value of their advertisements.

For us as a free publication, the satisfaction of our advertisers is of vital importance. We know that is gets harder and harder to operate on an international market with a national advertising budget. Our new concept makes it possible for an advertiser to reach out to a new circle of potential customers with each advertisement.

We know that it is difficult to introduce new concepts. That is why we are all the more grateful to all those that supported us with this first Czech issue. Thank you to Emporium Hamburg (Hamburg), Hermann Historica (Munich), Künker (Osnabrück), Numfil (Znojmo / Vienna), Numismatik Rauch (Vienna), Teutoburger Münzhandlung (Borgholzhausen), biddr (CH-Root), Philasearch (Nuremberg), NGC (Sarasota) and Bookophile (Zurich)!


And a special thanks goes to Sberatel for the good cooperation!


Here you can directly visit the Sberatel website.

Here you can download all our CoinsWeekly Special Issues.