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A Big “Maple Leaf”, But Not a “Big Maple Leaf”

The Royal Canadian Mint launches its largest-ever version of its bullion coin, the Gold Maple Leaf. The 10kg Gold Maple Leaf captures every detail of the 1 oz gold bullion coin it celebrates. Of course, it is not to be confused with the 100kg “Big Maple Leaf”.

Unresolved Questions in the Case of the Stolen Big Maple Leaf

The verdict against the thieves of the Big Maple Leaf has been passed, but that does not mean the case is closed: Now the owner of the coin is suing the insurance company. The coin is still missing, and the insurance company has only replaced a fraction of its value. Is the Bode Museum liable?

“Big Maple Leaf” Theft Trial Opens

In March of 2017, the 100-kilo gold coin “Big Maple Leaf” was stolen from the Bode-Museum in Berlin. Now, the criminal trial of the chief suspects has begun. All four of them remained silent on the first day of the hearing.

Stolen Big Maple Leaf invested in real estate?

In Berlin, the police struck a major blow against a Lebanese mafia clan. The family may also have been responsible for the 2017 theft of the Big Maple Leaf from the Bode Museum.

What Is the Destroyed Maple Leaf Really Worth?

The thieves of the giant gold coin that was stolen from Berlin’s Bode Museum have been caught and are behind bars. But the owner of the coin does not benefit from this: he has to go to court to make the insurance company replace the value of his coin. But how much is that?

Why There Is Still No Verdict in the Trial of the Stolen 100-Kilogram Maple...

In 2017, a 100-kilogram Maple Leaf was stolen from the Bode Museum – the trial against the accused appears to be just as gigantic as the gold coin itself. Two and a half years later, the investigation is still ongoing. But why is it so difficult to reach a verdict?

Gold Maple Leaf Celebrates 40th Anniversary

The Royal Canadian Mint has launched a special edition of the Gold Maple Leaf in celebration of its 40th anniversary. Since it was first issued in 1979, it has become a famous and renowned standard in the global precious metal business.

Bullion coins part 2: The Maple Leaf

The Canadian Maple Leaf is currently one of the most popular bullion coins worldwide. This is not only due to its ubiquitous availability but it is also popular because of its high purity and the security features, the Royal Canadian Mint has come up with.

What the Thefts of Berlin and Dresden Mean for Museums and Private Collectors

Since the raid on 16 December 2020, we know for sure that the Big Maple Leaf was melted down. What does that mean for museums, coin dealers and collectors? Have our early warning systems that are meant to recover stolen coins become outdated?

Raid at dawn: criminal investigation of Bode Museum heist successful

More than three months after the giant Big Maple Leaf has been stolen from the Bode Museum, Police arrested some suspects. Thanks to a large-scale raid, the crime seems to have been largely solved.
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