3rd Hanseatic Money Fair in Hamburg

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February 17, 2011 – It’s that time again: on Sunday, March 27, 2011, the 3rd Hanseatic Money Fair opens its doors. The coin and precious metal fair, which is popular with dealers, collectors and investors alike, is taking place in the Hamburg Chamber of Trade in the heart of the city, directly behind the town hall. The event not only involves buying and selling, but also offers many opportunities for visitors to get advice and exchange ideas with each other. Of course, they will also find a wide range of magazines and books, and all sorts of accessories for the coin collector.

Coins tell stories. They are as old as the classical cultures of humankind. About 2500 years ago, the first ancient coins in the history of the world were created. Ever since then, they have allowed us to look back on historic events and important characters, on triumphs and tragedies. Coins bear witness to foreign cultures and to our own past. All of these factors – together with their often considerable material value – make coins so fascinating for young and old. Classical numismatics plays a central role at the Hanseatic Money Fair. Connoisseurs will be able to admire and even purchase many a numismatic rarity from the Middle Ages or the modern period.  The opportunity to have coins checked and valued by the experts free of charge will also be very popular again this year. Experience suggests that, as in previous years, the valuer’s table will be besieged from the moment the fair opens by those hungry for information about the treasures that they have just inherited or rediscovered in the attic and have brought along. And who knows? Perhaps there really will be one or two hidden gems.

In periods of international financial crisis and fluctuating economic conditions, investment is an increasingly important factor for many people. Coins keep their value. Since ancient times, gold and silver have proved themselves to be “safe havens” from uncertainty in times of crisis. The current boom in demand confirms this assessment. In recent months, demand has often outstripped supply on the market. In this area, too, the fair offers many opportunities for guidance: whether it’s gold bars, ounces of silver, Krugerrands, Vienna Philharmonics or the 20 and 100 euro gold coins from Germany – a broad spectrum of investment opportunities awaits visitors to the Hanseatic Money Fair 2011.