17th Technical Forum Session 2 – Join In Online

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The Technical Forum normally takes place during the World Money Fair in Berlin and is the leading conference for modern minting technology worldwide. Just like the WMF, the Technical Forum will happen online this year.

The presentations are being held in four sessions between February and May. The second session will start on 25th March 2021, covering the issues coloring, minting, and blanking at 10 AM and 4 PM.

These are the topics of Session 2 and their presenters:

1. Coloring

Romain Waidelich / Daniel Fahl: Coins & Medals – Nanotechnology Meets Pad Printing

Pad printing is a commonly used and known technology to print exclusive designs on circulation and collector coins and PVD coatings also known in the coinage industry for the coating of tools and minting dies. For the first time, TECAPRINT and INORCOAT have joined their respective technologies to create a new coin product combining metallic coloured coatings with the pad printing technologies to create new coins with an increased flexibility of designs.

Romain Waidelich: Master of international management, Romain Waidelich, having worked several years in various multinational acting companies, decided to found INORCOAT, a company focused on PVD Coating solutions. During this time, Romain Waidelich, had the opportunity to learn a lot about minting coins including the related challenges and complications. Nowadays, Mr. Romain Waidelich acts as a CEO of INORCOAT.

Daniel Fahl: Daniel Fahl, Bachelor Professional of Business, 36 years old, is the CEO of Teca-Print AG. He has been working since 8 years in the pad printing industry.

2. Minting

Dr. Xianyao Li: New Circulation Coins

The paper is about the RCM’s recent development upon their previous presentation of next generation of circulation coins, i.e., Tri-metal coin structure. The new development is actually now a Quad component coin structure, i.e. Tri-metal with a separator to separate all 4 components. Dr. Xianyao Li will also talk about a process how to put the four components together and striking using Schuler presses.

Dr. Xianyao Li: Xianyao Li has been in different technical roles with the Royal Canadian Mint for 22 years, and he is now the Chief Technology Officer, responsible for research and development on new products, processes and technologies.

3. Blanking

Vishal Agarwal: A New and Improved Brass Plating Process for Zincsecure(TM) Alloys

This paper discusses the development of a new brass plating process for zinc-based alloy series (ZincSecure®) from ARTAZN. The focus area of the study is to understand the influence of key factors such as plating stress and bath chemistry on the quality and composition of the plated layer. This low-cost, process efficient and environmentally friendly brass plating process was successfully developed via optimization of the key factors using controlled Design of Experiments (DoEs). Security, quality and environmental aspects of the single piece and bimetal coin blanks of ZincSecure® and steel alloys made using the new process will also be discussed.

Vishal Agarwal, Ph.D.: Vishal Agarwal has a Ph.D. in Materials Sc. & Engg. and over 20 years of experience in engineering, R&D, strategy and business development. Vishal has been with ARTAZN since June 2014 in advanced technology and applications development roles. Prior to ARTAZN, he has worked at Fortune 100 corporations and start-ups in clean energy, automotive and optoelectronics domains.


The next sessions will take place on 29th April 2021, the last one will follow in May. We will inform you about the session details when the events will be approaching.

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On Youtube, you can watch a preview with the moderators.

Here you can read our report from the Technical Forum 2018.