Wilkes & Curtis, GB- Tonbridge

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12-04-2015 – 01-01-1970

Auction 5

High prices for Indian Coins at Wilkes & Curtis’ Auction 5

Auction 5 of the UK based numismatic company Wilkes & Curtis took place on April 13, 2015. The auction which focused on Islamic and Indian coins realized £111,716 in sales. 258 of 212 lots offered were sold.
Highlights of the sale included:

  • Lot 251: Bombay Presidency, Surat, Mohur, 1802, Bombay mint, privy mark 3, in the name of Shah ‘Alam II, with frozen regnal year 46, 11.53g (Pr -).  Very fine and extremely rare, believed to be the second recorded example. Estimate: £2,500-3,000. Sold for £13,000.

  • Lot 108: Abbasid, al-Musta‘sim (640-656h), Dinar, no mintname, 655h, 8.57g (A 275 var.). Creased, reverse double-struck, margins mostly flat (but date clear), otherwise very fine, of the highest rarity. Estimate: £2,000-2,500. Sold for £7,550.
  • Lot 10: Arab-Byzantine, Anonymous, Fals, standing caliph type, al-Ruha, rev. mintname in right field, 3.11g (SICA 1:688 var.; Foss 103 var.; A 3538). Good very fine and very rare. Estimate: £250-300. Sold for £1,061.

  • Lot 132: Ikhshidid, Muhammad al-Ikhshid (323-334h), Dinar, Misr 332h, 4.14g (Bacharach 28; Bernardi 316De; A 674). Virtually as struck, extremely rare. Estimate: £600-800. Sold for £1,450.
  • Lot 86: Abbasid, al-Muktafi (289-295h), Dinar, Halab 289h, 4.16g (SICA 4:287 [same dies]; Bernardi 226Gb; A 243.1). Minor weakness in margins otherwise good very fine, very rare. Estimate: £2,000-2,500. Sold for £3,650.
  • Lot 87: Abbasid, al-Muktafi (289-295h), Dinar, al-Rafiqa 290h, 3.18g (SICA 4:381 [same dies]; Bernardi 226Hn; A 243.1). Slightly creased, some light scrapes, otherwise very fine and very rare. Estimate: £800-1,000. Sold for £1,450.

* Lot 88: Abbasid, al-Muktafi (289-295h), Dinar, al-Rafiqa 292h, 4.43g (Qatar 1302; Bernardi 226Hn; A 243.1). Extremely fine and extremely rare. Estimate: £1,200-1,500. Sold for £2,850.

For a complete list of prices realized, please visit the website of Wilkes & Curtis.